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Selling Diamonds in NYC

Selling Diamonds in NYC

Selling Diamonds NYC Style


New Yorkers know how to where to find the best deals, so they know how useful NYC’s Diamond District is when it comes to selling diamonds. However, there is also a drawback – with so many choices, how can you know where to go? If you want to make money, you have to be selling diamonds NYC style! Look for diamond buyers that:

  • Pay up to 99% of the market price.
  • Have no corporate oversight nor middleman
  • Offer free appraisals
  • Have an outstanding reputation within their community.
Sell Diamonds NYC

Sell Diamonds NYC Style With Luriya


Luriya is the premiere location for diamond selling enthusiasts in NYC. Not only do we fit into the aforementioned categories, we also have a lot of other services that we offer! For generations, we have strived to make selling diamonds in NYC easy and profitable. We do this by offering free guides (link to sell diamonds guide) that help you sell diamonds for the most cash!

Diamond Dealers NYC

"Sell Diamond NYC” Means Luriya


The price of diamonds is so high right now every vendor and dealer has gotten in on the action. However, if you really want to get a dealer that will give you cash for diamonds at the appropriate amount, you need to visit Luriya. If you’re still not convinced, here are three more reasons why Luriya is topnotch:

  1. If you’re selling diamonds in NYC, be aware of the equipment being used to test your valuables. Is it being used in front of you where you can see it? Is it calibrated and regulated? What about the seal of approval or certification from a professional body? Luriya has full certification from NYS for all our scales.
  2. Does the business show up on the Better Business Bureau radar? If they’ve ever had any infarctions involving something as valuable as gold or diamonds, you can bet they would have been reported.
  3. What is their relationship with the community? Luriya is known to donate to charity regularly.
Diamond Buyers NYC

Sell Diamonds New York to california


Take advantage of the gold market, which has bolstered the diamond selling market as well. Luriya takes pride in informing our customers about the market value, so when they sell diamonds in NYC, they get the most cash available from any dealer. Our experts will authenticate your diamonds and gauge the full value! If you are not in New York, you can opt in for our mail in kit and you can sell diamond New York to California or if you want to sell loose diamonds NYC or California and anywhere in between!

Where to Sell Diamonds in New York

Selling Diamonds Diamond District NYC Style


If you want to sell loose diamonds NYC or California, your task would be made much simpler by visiting Luriya. We offer free appraisals, we pay cash for diamonds – up to 99% of the market price, offer free guides to help you sell diamonds, and are located in the famous Diamond District! If you’re not near us, you can always select our mail in option (link). We offer a prepaid shipping label and insurance free of charge! Rest assured that even when you sell loose diamonds NYC or anywhere else, we have you covered! Here are the diamond buyers you should be cautious of and what you should pay attention to:

  1. The gold standard of selling diamonds in NYC is Luriya, and we measure all your precious items where you can see them. If the diamond buyer doesn’t do this, think twice - in fact, think once: No.
  2. Are their scales straight as an arrow? They should be well-balanced, calibrated and certified. Luriya’s scales have the NYS seal.
  3. The reputation should, of course, be great. Selling diamonds is a high-risk endeavor, and should be backed by a history of reliability.
Where Can I Sell Diamonds in NYC

What Luriya’s customers are saying

Maria Calensanes, San Antonio, TX
My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
Donald Stenman, Brooklyn, NY
When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
Jennifer Azules, San Diego, CA
For anyone looking to sell diamonds, Luriya is the place to go. They pay well, instruct you about their prices, and let you take your time to make a decision on a deal. Will be back.