About Havilah

Luriya, a New York company dealing in gold, diamonds, and jewelry since 1995, has launched their gold and gems blog, Havilah, on their newly restyled website, www.luriya.com. The name Havilah refers to the setting of the Garden of Eden described in Genesis: “the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold, and the gold of that land is good.”

Havilah offers advice on buying and selling gold and fine jewelry and delivers valuable news, trends, and information relevant to fine jewelry professionals, consumers, and anyone interested in knowing the worth of their gold and jewels. Havilah will focus on the bustling jewelry trade as well as arts and culture in New York City.


Mark Kandinov, COO and Marketing Director of Luriya.com, commented on the presentation of the blog, stating “so much happens in Manhattan with respect to buying and selling precious metals and gemstones, but there are also fascinating museum exhibits and important jewelry auctions, fashion, and celebrity events. Havilah incorporates all of that. The blog will be an important resource for jewelry professionals and jewelry lovers looking to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of gold and gems in New York City and beyond.”

Havilah’s inaugural posts reviewed the Jewels by JAR retrospective at the Met, discussed the rising interest in gold coin collections as the price of gold drops, and featured a story on the record-setting $6.4 million Burmese ruby necklace recently sold by Christie’s. Upcoming posts will explore jewelry trends of 2014 and the hottest jewelry shops in New York City.

“We are especially excited about the themed content the blog will be featuring,” says Kandinov. “Many holidays will be covered throughout the year and we will explore how the jewelry industry is impacted by cultural events and seasonal changes.”

Visitors are invited to explore the new website and subscribe to Havilah, the gold and gems blog.