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cash for gold NYC to LA

When you have broken or wanted gold jewelry, your mind should immediately think of how you can get a remarkable amount of cash for gold! This is where Luriya comes in. With our years of experience and exceptional customer service, we have been offering cash for gold from New York to California! We understand that not all of our customers will be able to make it to our location due to inclement weather, time constraints, and you can’t forget distance if you do not live in New York City! This is where our mail-away kit comes in! Just fill out a simple form and we will send you a prepaid shipping label which you may use on an envelope containing your gold. We will notify you when we receive it and, 24 – 48 hours later, will give you an offer that you may choose to accept or reject. It’s that simple!


Act Now if You Want Cash for Gold NYC!

Cash For Gold NYC

Gold prices are on the rise, but there’s no telling how long it will last. Although they appear to be going up, the trend is unpredictable at best. So how can you use it to your advantage? Simple – the sooner you act, the sooner you get cash for gold NYC or anywhere else! It’s very hard to find a company that will pay you a fair amount for your gold, so Luriya makes it easy! We pay up to 99% of the market price for your gold jewelry – that’s a lot more than the competition! Act now and get the cash you deserve!


Get Cash for Gold NYC, Cash for Gold Rochester NY, Cash for Gold Albany NY, or Anywhere Else NY!

Cash For Gold In NY

Whether you want cash for gold Rochester NY or if you want cash for gold Albany NY, you should immediately think of Luriya – the top gold buyer in New York City’s Diamond District! Luriya pays up to 99% of the market price for gold jewelry – be it broken or dirty. Other dealers, such as pawn shops or jewelry shops, may pay much less simply because their clients are not as well aware of the trade as Luriya’s are. We offer free educational guides that benefit our clients and help them get the cash they deserve! We also offer a mail-away kit, so whether you want cash for gold Rochester NY, cash for gold Albany, or simply cash for gold NY, we can help!


Get Cash for Gold NYC the Right Way

Cash For Gold NYC

Are looking for where to sell gold in NYC? Selling gold in NYC is an easy task, but only if you go to the right places! Most places offer only 80% – 90% of the market value for gold at best. Luriya offers up to 99% of the market price for gold, but we don’t stop there! Getting cash for gold in NYC with Luriya includes the following:

  • A free appraisal and consultation; just fill out the form to schedule a meeting and that’s it!
  • Free guides to selling all kinds of jewelry which are available throughout our website
  • A mail-away kit that is prepaid and insured to make selling your gold easy and convenient.


New York Cash for Gold Spot You Should Consider - Luriya

New York cash for gold

Generations of expertise, free guides, free appraisals and consultations, a mail-away kit, and a great cash payout, are just some of the qualities that make Luriya what it is. All you have to lose are your debts! Bring your broken or unwanted jewelry to our New York cash-for-gold location in the Diamond District and begin to reap the benefits!

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