Sell Antique Coins in NYC

Want to Sell Antique Coins in NYC? 

Selling old coins for cash may not be the first option to come to mind, but selling antique coins can be a great way to make a surprisingly large profit! It’s important to get an accurate, expert appraisal so be sure to go to a trusted, certified jewelry buyer like Luriya before selling. Find out what steps you need to take to sell antique coins in NYC below!


Where Can I Sell Antique Coins In NYC?

where to sell antique coins in nyc

There are almost too many places to count where you could sell old coins in NYC, given the sudden increased worth of gold, jewelry, and precious stones. Just trying to pick one store can be quite a hassle! This is why you need to steer clear of inexperienced dealers and get in touch with Luriya, an experienced coin dealer in NYC. The difference is that when you sell antique coins to us, we pay you what they’re worth since we value reputation and integrity over a quick sale. Stop by and see for yourself!


How Can I Sell To The Right Antique Coin Dealer In NYC?

sell to the right antique coin dealer in nyc

The most important attribute a rare coin dealer can have is the one who pays you substantially more than the competition. Corner store dealers and pawn shops have financial obligations that force them to give you a lower offer just to meet their overhead. Luriya is a national coin buyer with many connections, so we don’t share those same concerns - and thus can offer huge cash payouts when you sell your antique coins in NYC.


NYC Coin Buyers Agree: Do Your Research First!

things to know about how to sell antique coins in nyc

When trying to learn how to sell antique coins in NYC, there are a handful of things you need to know to spot a reputable dealer:

1. How do they measure your items? Luriya only tests your valuables where they can be seen by all parties.

2. What kinds of scales do they use? We make sure to employ only certified scales that are finely calibrated.

3. We take everything about selling antique coins in NYC seriously since our reputation hinges on how we treat sellers - and buyers - at Luriya. Look for a company with good relationships within their local neighborhood.


Where Can I Sell Antique Coins In NYC For More?

sell antique coins in nyc for more

It just takes a bit of digging to discover where to sell antique coins in NYC. A pawn shop tends to be shadier (not all of them of course) and is geared towards people looking to get rid of valuables for whatever price. A jewelry shop might be more reputable, but they might still make you a lower offer than you expect. An established gold buyer like Luriya, however, can offer large cash payouts because of our regional reach. We buy and sell to everyone, and you’ll see the difference when you contact us!


How Can Luriya Help You Sell Antique Coins for Cash in NYC?

Sell Antique Coins for Cash in NYC

If you are looking to sell antique coins for cash in NYC, don’t bother with local pawn shops if you want to walk away from the deal with a nice sum of cash in your wallet. The speed vs. money trade-off isn’t worth it; not when we have a convenient location right in the middle of Manhattan. As second-generation jewelers and gold buyers, we’ll appraise your antique coins before you sell, so you know their market value and what you should be getting. Our commitment to honesty and reputation leads to great customer service.

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