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Sell Silver in NYC

We Are Honest Silver Buyers in NYC


At Luriya, we do our best to make selling silver in NYC a comfortable and relieving experience for you, because we know the difficulties in finding a good buyer. We have several locations where you can drop in for a no-cost, no-obligation authentication of your silver, after which if everything is to your satisfaction, we then function as your silver buyers in NYC. We know all about the jeweler’s stamp and what it means, and are happy to inform you of what you need to know to maximize your cash payout.

selling silver nyc

You Should Sell Silver to Luriya for Best Results


Luriya makes sure you are content with selling silver to us, by not only letting our reputation speak for itself, but by also treating you with warmth and integrity as soon as you contact us. If you choose to sell silver in NYC, it shouldn’t be a hectic process fraught with missteps that could cost you a large portion of your cash payout. Come and deal with professionals and see what all the raving reviews regarding our customer service are all about.

sell silver nyc

Selling Silver Jewelry in NYC


Selling silver NYC shouldn’t be done with just any business, so that you can position yourself to receive the best cash payout.

1. Luriya places the customer first always, making it easy to sell silver jewelry in NYC without worrying about bad deals.

2. We use certified, regulated scales which are calibrated to NYS standards.

3. Nothing is hidden from you during the verification process - it’s all done right in front of your face.

4. We are well-known and widely respected in the community for our charitable efforts

sell silver jewelry nyc

Sell Silver Jewelry in NYC to a Business at the Hub of It All


When you settle on New York City as your selling silver destination, Luriya will welcome you with open arms and helpful information; including a free appraisal by expert jewelers with decades of experience. You’ll know the full value of your silver jewelry, which of course means the ball’s in your court. Come on by and sell silver jewelry in NYC to reap impressive dividends from your old valuables.

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More Reasons for Selling Silver Jewelry in NYC


Don’t go trying to sell silver jewelry in NYC until you’ve been made aware of the many great reasons for sticking with Luriya in New York City:

1. At Luriya, we embrace those who sell silver online and am happy to show them our reputation for high cash payouts and excellent customer service.

2. Your silver is tested right under your nose for full disclosure.

3. We are a very community-type of business, with long-standing relationships with local charities and many contributions.

4. All of our superbly qualified jewelers employ NYS certified scales for testing.

sell silver in nyc
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What Luriya’s customers are saying

My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
Donald Stenman, Brooklyn, NY
When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
Jennifer Azules, San Diego, CA
For anyone looking to sell diamonds, Luriya is the place to go. They pay well, instruct you about their prices, and let you take your time to make a decision on a deal. Will be back.