Selling Graff Jewelry

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Before you sell your Graff jewelry, you're going to want to learn about the process - from prepping your jewelry, to going in for an appraisal, to the actual selling moment. We know the process of sellling jewelry isn't really common knowledge and we here at Luriya understand that. Being in the business for almost three decades, we want to make the selling process as easy as possible, which is why we’ve decided to share all our expert knowledge right here, right now. Scroll down to get more information. Happy jewelry selling!


History Of Graff

Sell Graff Jewelry

Diamonds are perfection and Graff diamonds perfected the art of handcrafting and cutting diamonds. Graff is a high-quality jewelry company founded in London. Laurence Graff founded the company in 1960 and is responsible for the design, manufacture, and distribution of their high-quality jewelry and watches. Today, Graff remains one of the highest valued diamond companies world-wide. 


Graff's Quality

Selling Graff Jewelry

Laurence Graff worked as a small-time jeweler in London’s diamond district. There, he learned his passion for crafting diamonds. In 1960, he founded Graff diamonds and opened his own boutique. A year later, he commissioned a jewelry designer named Robert Thomas. With Thomas’s diamond jewel design, they won an award at the De Beers Diamond International Awards Competition. The ribbon bracelet won the competition, exposing Graff’s jewelry to the industry world-wide. This proved Graff's superior stance in the jewelry industry. 


Graff Expansion

Graff Jewelry

Graff currently has 45 stores around the globe, making them a global leader in the industry. Graff prides themselves on selecting diamonds from areas that are conflict free.


Graff's Collections

Sell Graff Jewelry

Graff’s designs incorporate some of the finest diamonds and stones in the world. With thirteen collections, each piece is handcrafted with diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphire. Some of their most famous designs are found in their diamonds collection. Each diamond has a unique cut with a corresponding story that influenced its creation.


How To Determine Authentic Graff

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The hallmark system is a system that ensures the authenticity of fine brand name jewelry. Because Graff is a British company, their jewelry is tested and stamped with a numerical code. The code proves authenticity and ensures the jewelry will not have to be re-tested when it crosses country borders. This system was put in place to protect the consumer and prevent any counterfeits. This system will be beneficial when selling your used Graff jewelry to a local buyer, as they will know your jewelry is authentic.  


Sell Graff

Valuable Graff Jewelry

Authentic Graff jewlery can be sold for competitive prices. Therefore, jewelery collectors around the world will buy used Graff rings or other jewelry. However, before selling your valuables, be sure to understand the buyer's policies such as if they buy market or retail value. Don't be afraid to ask questions throughout the selling process. 


How To Sell Graff

Graff Jewelry Appraisal

A reputable buyer's policy should include their GIA certification and information on their appraisal process. You should search for companies that have years of experience in appraising brand-name valuables. Be sure the appraisal will be done in-store and in front of you to ensure safety. With this in mind, you will be one step closer to getting cash for your jewelry. First, you find a buyer, they will appraise your item, and then they will supply you with an estimate. If you agree, you will receive cash, check, or wire transfer for your jewelry. 


Benefits Of Selling Graff To Luriya

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Sometimes, jewelry buyers will quote an estimate for marketing purposes only. At Luriya, our appraisers have over twenty years experience authenticating brand-name valuables, such as Graff. Our appraisers are knowledgable and are aware of the correct Graff diamond prices in order to supply our customers with competitive payouts. Be sure to make an appointment with Luriya today to sell your Graff diamond ring or other jewelry for what it is worth. 


How to find a reputable buyer

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Finding a reputable buyer is the first step in receiving cash for your Graff diamonds and jewelry. Keep these helpful tips in mind when looking for a buyer: 



Things to remember

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Once you have found a reputable buyer, keep these things in mind in order to receive the safest experience and biggest payout.

1. Know an estimated value of your jewelry 

2. Bring any original documents or packaging 

3. Read everything carefully 

Have a jewelry expert appraise your fine items

Send in your valuables to get the best price