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Sell Rubies in NYC

Selling Rubies in NYC is Simple


Right now is an excellent time to sell rubies NYC, because they are worth so much more than ever before. However, just because the price is high, doesn’t mean you will get a great cash payout; most dealers are out to get your rubies and jewelry for as little cash as they can convince you to take. Come see our knowledgeable Jewelers at Luriya, where you will have your sapphires appraised by the best gold buyers in New York City, arming you with information on selling rubies New York City for the most money.


Do You Know Where to Sell Rubies in NYC?


When looking for where to sell rubies NYC, you want to find a place where you’ll be treated with respect, and where honest Jewelers will authenticate your valuables for you before making an offer. Such a place is Luriya, and we give you cash for rubies NYC to beat all other dealers in the city. Our experts will search for the jeweler’s stamp to help with their appraisal, before finding the market value and informing you. Selling rubies in New York city with us is as straightforward as it gets, so feel free to stop by and see us.


Consider Selling Rubies in NYC for Cash


Selling rubies NYC for cash can be a financial boon for you, but only if you’ve checked out the company beforehand:

1. Before you sell rubies NYC, check to make sure testing is accurate and transparent - which means making sure they scale being used are certified and calibrated. New York business Luriya follows this protocol; it’s part of our company policy.

2. Your best chance at cash for rubies NYC is with a business that has a track record of reputability and is strongly tied to the surrounding community - that way you know about their honesty and integrity.


Sell Rubies in NYC With Gold Buyer Luriya


You can sell rubies in NYC with the trusted gold buyers Luriya, where we go to great lengths to make sure you are made aware of everything involved. It all starts with a transparent test of your jewelry right in front of you, using regulated NYS certified scales for your peace of mind. After the appraisal process is finished, you can then go about selling rubies NYC for a large cash payout directly with us, where we strive to get you better offer than any other dealer.


How to Sell Rubies in NYC


First and most importantly, find out how to sell rubies in NYC if you want the most cash for your jewelry and valuables. Most dealers are very recent, and have just set up shop to take advantage of the rising prices of precious stones. Luriya can help you determine the worth of your gems before you try and get cash for rubies in NYC, so that you aren’t undersold. Come and check us out at any one of many locations for a free appraisal.

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What Luriya’s customers are saying

My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
Donald Stenman, Brooklyn, NY
When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
Jennifer Azules, San Diego, CA
For anyone looking to sell diamonds, Luriya is the place to go. They pay well, instruct you about their prices, and let you take your time to make a decision on a deal. Will be back.