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Want to know more about how to Sell Antique Jewelry? Want to learn how to Sell Antique Jewelry for cash? We got you!


sell antique jewelry for cash

We can provide you with the right information to help you sell old jewelry at a highly appreciable price that will give you the best value. We’ve filled this page with nifty tricks, tips, and honest advice to help you better understand the process of selling antique jewelry. If you're looking for comprehensive information on how to sell estate jewelry, then you've come to the right place. We’ve included important information on how, where, and what to sell when you’re thinking to sell antique jewelry. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at any point! We love talking about jewelry, and we love helping out!


With Information, Selling Antique Jewelry Is a Cinch


selling antique jewelry

It can seem overwhelming when you're in the market for selling antique jewelry, given the virtual stampede of antique jewelry buyers screaming for your attention. In fact, selling vintage jewelry means that you will be hounded by a combination of jewelry stores and private buyers, each of whom will claim to offer the best possible price. However, most of them are in business simply to get your gold, diamonds, and antique jewelry for as little money as possible. At Luriya, we value the generations we have dedicated to building our reputation and can help you acquire a big cash payout offer so that selling your antique jewelry will be easy. Our expert jewelers will appraise your antique jewelry for free, and arm you with the information you need to get the perfect price. This is highly beneficial, as one of the first steps to selling old jewelry is to get it appraised, to have a rough idea of its value.


Do You Know Where to Sell Antique Jewelry?


where to sell antique jewelry

Whether you are going to a “we buy gold” location or to sell antique jewelry, you should be on the lookout for these practices:

  1. Does the jeweler test your antique jewelry in front of you? At Luriya, we let you see the entire process.
  2. The. At Luriya, these are the only ones we'll buy and use to test antique jewelry, gold, or other precious metal.
  3. Our reputation comes first, which just means that you the customer come first. Stop by and see for yourself our friendly, professional staff assess your antique jewelry.
  4.  A dedicated, family-owned business, Luriya has ties to many aspects of the community, building trust and interacting with charities.   


A Great Place to Sell Antique Jewelry for Cash


where can i sell antique jewelry for cash

You've probably guessed that out of the many different places to sell antique jewelry for cash in the currently booming gold and jewelry industry, only a few can guarantee you the best cash payouts. You'd be right; many businesses have sprung up suddenly to take advantage of sellers who don't know how much their antique jewelry is truly worth. Here at Luriya, we've been educating sellers for generations, and when you sell with us, you are assured of cash for antique jewelry that rivals other competitors. Come check us out for a free appraisal!


Sell Antique Jewelry Online to a Trusted Jeweler


sell antique jewelry online

Don't go to just any old “we buy antique jewelry” location before considering these:

  1. Before you sell 
  2. Have they been in business for a while, or did they just come out of nowhere a week ago? Either way, look into their history.
  3. If you want cash for antique jewelry in line with market value, try and find out how well their other sales went.
  4. They should be centrally located in a community, with a good reputation. It just so happens that online and local jewelry appraiser and buyer Luriya fits all these to a tee; stop by our website and judge for yourself!
  5.  Luriya makes the process of selling antique jewelry effortless and quick!

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