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Sell Rubies

Sell Rubies with Professionals


When trying to sell rubies for their true worth, seek out only the professionals among the sea of clamoring buyers. Many of these are just in it for a quick buck, which means getting your rubies for as little as they can convince you to part with them for. At Luriya, we look down on such practices, because ours is a business built on reputation; we give you true cash for rubies after our experts authenticate them and fill you with information on what they're worth. Come see the difference today!

Sell Rubies

How to Sell a Ruby to a Good Jewelry Buyer


If you don't know exactly what you have, how can you know if what you're getting in return is fair? The expert jewelers at Luriya will teach you how to sell a ruby if you drop by our location, where trustworthy and helpful staff can appraise your ruby as you stand and watch the whole process. With this new-found knowledge, you can then sell your rubies for a lot more cash than you would have otherwise received anywhere else.

Selling Rubies

How Do you Choose Where to Sell Rubies?


If you're looking for where to sell rubies, follow these tips:

1. Go where the testing process is transparent. As in, Luriya will run the ruby authentication process right before your eyes.

2. Make sure the scales are legitimate measures. There should be a professional or municipal certification attached somewhere. Luriya goes with NYS authority.

3. Luriya has strong ties to the surrounding neighborhoods, given that we're 2nd generation Jewelers who've been around for quite some time.

4. Look for companies that value reputation over any single sale. Drop in on us at our location if you want to sell rubies to an honest dealer.

Best Place to Sell Rubies Online

Selling Rubies to Luriya is a Walk in the Park


In line with our customer-first mantra, Luriya makes sure that selling rubies and jewelry to us is a worry-free activity, where you're well informed and educated about the worth of your items. You'll receive cash for rubies upon your satisfaction that our world-class jewelers have appraised and authenticated them. We can tell you right away if your rubies are real or not, their market value, and the highest amount you can get for them – commensurate with current market prices. Clarity is something we treasure, and Luriya brings this to all of our dealings.

Sell Rubies for Cash

Be Careful When Selling Rubies for Cash


Do you know any details about your rubies buyer before you decide to sell rubies to them?

1. Make sure there's no funny business by having them test your rubies and jewelry in front of you. Luriya does this automatically, as a matter of company policy.

2. Cash for rubies can be messed with if the scales aren't calibrated, so make sure they bear a stamp of approval from a governing body. Luriya uses none other than New York State.

3. Check out what other businesses in the neighborhood say about them. Luriya is known for donating to charities and for being a neighborhood mainstay.

4. We are a reputable family owned business with 2nd generation Jewelers that are experts in their field. Come on by and ask us anything about selling rubiesgold or jewelry!


If you want to sell a ruby, contact Luriya. We will make the process so easy that you'll want to do it again!

Where to Sell Rubies
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What Luriya’s customers are saying

Maria Calensanes, San Antonio, TX
My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
Donald Stenman, Brooklyn, NY
When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
Jennifer Azules, San Diego, CA
For anyone looking to sell diamonds, Luriya is the place to go. They pay well, instruct you about their prices, and let you take your time to make a decision on a deal. Will be back.