Sell Harry Winston Jewelry

Before you Sell Harry Winston Jewelry, you're going to want to learn about the process - from prepping your Jewelry, to going in for an appraisal, to the actual selling moment.

We know the process of selling jewelry isn't really common knowledge and we here at Luriya understand that. Being in the business for almost three decades, we want to make the selling process as easy as possible, which is why we’ve decided to share all our expert knowledge right here, right now. Scroll down to get more information. 

Where is the Best Place to Sell Harry Winston Jewelry?

best place to sell harry winston jewelry

If you’re looking to sell Harry Winston jewelry the easiest (and most appropriate) place is Manhattan’s Diamond District – where the best jewelry, watch, gold, and diamond buyers in New York congregate.  When you’re looking for a jewelry buyer here, feel free to shop up and down the district until you find the best offer you can get. Go to a trusted jewelry buyer like Luriya, who is conveniently located in the heart of the Diamond District. No matter if you’re trying to sell a Harry Winston emerald ring or various vintage Harry Winston rings, there’s a buyer out there for you.


How Do I Sell Harry Winston Jewelry?

how do i sell harry winston jewelry

You can sell Harry Winston jewelry to private jewelry dealers for competitive prices. However, you shouldn’t just sell your Harry Winston jewelry to the first person that makes you an offer. Take the time to research different buyers. Don’t feel pressured to sell until you find a buyer whom you trust and who offers you the best cash payout. 

At Luriya, we recommend selling to a reputable private buyer with good reviews and community standings. Private buyers will pay you more than a pawn shop or an auction will pay, and you get the benefit of direct customer service.


Harry Winston – The King of Diamonds

harry winston

To understand the value behind Harry Winston jewelry, it’s helpful to know the history and nature of the brand.

Harry Winston was a key player in the saga of the Hope diamond, a 115.16-carat blue diamond that originally served as an eye in a sacred Hindu statue. Until that is, when it was stolen by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in 1791. Upon the discovery that it was missing, priests put a curse on whoever had the gem. In 1947, New York gem merchant Harry Winston bought the diamond.

Harry Winston, the critically acclaimed “King of Diamonds” and “Jeweler to the Stars,” donated the gem to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. in 1952.


Start of the Harry Winston Empire

how did harry winston jewelry start

Harry Winston was the son of a Ukrainian jeweler. When he was twelve years old, he recognized a two-carat ring in a pawn shop for only 25 cents and sold it for eight hundred dollars the next day. That was the beginning of his empire.

 He started his business in 1920 and opened his first store in New York City in 1932. His empire grew when he acquired the jewelry collection of heiress Arabella Huntington. He later redesigned her collection to make it more contemporary, proving his talent in the industry. He soon became known as the best fine jeweler and number one wedding ring distributor in the industry.


Harry Winston Today

harry winston today

Today, Harry Winston remains a highly-acclaimed jeweler and number-one distributor of engagement rings. Winston designs diamond necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other diamond jewelry. The brand’s fine jewelry includes sixteen collections, all with impeccably cut diamonds.

Harry Winston's jewelry and timepieces have been proven throughout the years to be classic staples. This well-regarded company continues to cater to celebrities and prides itself on its generous philanthropy work.


Harry Winston Engagement Rings

harry winston engagement rings

The tradition of engagement rings began in Egypt; the circularity of the ring was meant to symbolize unity. Winston himself believed that the tradition should be upheld with something as beautiful as a diamond. He partnered with diamond designers to fashion some of the most exceptional engagement rings in the industry.

One of Harry Winston’s most notable engagement rings was the one that Jaqueline Kennedy wore after her engagement to Aristotle Onassis. Her 40.42-carat diamond, labeled as the Lesotho Three, was originally purchased by Harry Winston as part of a 601-carat Lesotho diamond.

Still today, Harry Winston produces some of the most brilliant engagement rings on the market.


Harry Winston’s High Jewelry

harry winstons high jewelry

Harry Winston’s High Jewelry is made with the finest gemstones and diamonds. There are 3 lines within this collection. Secrets by Harry Winston is a line consisting of necklaces, rings, and bracelets mainly made up of diamonds and blue sapphires.

Winston’s Icons is a line of four majestic pieces exclusively made with diamonds- inspired by the art of dealing with fine gemstones. The last line in Harry Winston’s High Jewelry is called The Incredibles. This colorful line is made with powerful gems like rubies and sapphires collected from the highest caliber of gems truly making them incredible.


Sell Harry Winston Jewelry

Sell harry winston Jewelry

As Harry Winston’s legacy lives on, his jewelry remains in high demand. Whether you’re looking to sell Harry Winston jewelry or Harry Winston HW rings, you’re in luck. There are many places to sell your used luxury jewelry and diamonds; however, there are aspects you must be aware of before you try and sell. Keep reading to see our best tips.


Tips to Sell Harry Winston Jewelry

tips to sell harry winston jewelry

If you’re looking to sell Harry Winston jewelry, keep these tips in mind for a successful sale: 

1. Choose a buyer that has years of experience in authenticating and appraising brand name valuables. 
2. Your buyer should be appraising gems on a  GIA level, and have memberships and affiliations with top jewelry organizations.

Before getting an appraisal for your Harry Winston diamond, see if you can get a GIA report. This report will help your appraiser come up with an estimate for your jewelry. However, even if you do not have a GIA report, your appraiser will still be able to give you a good estimate.


Sell Harry Winston Diamonds With Confidence

Sell Harry Winston diamonds

Selling diamonds may seem intimidating, especially if you’re selling expensive brand names, like Harry Winston. However, if you know what to look for and do your research, you will be able to sell your diamonds confidently.

It’s crucial to be informed about what you are selling. Research your piece of jewelry and what it is made of to ensure that you can spot a lowball offer. 

When you’re selling Harry Winston diamonds, they will be evaluated according to the  4 Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat. These are regarded as the four most important aspects of a diamond, and the quality of each category is what determines the diamond’s worth. If you can’t evaluate the 4C’s of your diamond on your own (don’t worry, most people can’t), a professional appraiser will be able to tell you right away.


Harry Winston Diamond Ring

harry winston diamond ring

Harry Winston believed that the diamond epitomized endurance and stability, two necessary values in marriage. He carefully designed his engagement rings to symbolize and capture this core belief, crafting some of the most exceptional rings in the industry. As Harry Winston once said, "Each diamond has a different nature. Each diamond must be handled the way you handle a person."


Harry Winston Bracelet

harry winston bracelet

Each piece of Harry Winston diamond jewelry begins with close attention to the individual characteristics of each stone, as well as the unique style of the woman for whom they are designed. In a Harry Winston piece, it is the jewels that guide each design, not the settings. Notable collections include “Sparkling Cluster” containing sapphires, aquamarines, and diamonds, “Forget-Me-Not” with diamonds arranged in the shape of its namesake’s flower, and “Art Deco” with a design that harkens back to the 1920s and 1930s. And, while we’re talking about collections and styles of Harry Winston jewelry, let’s just point out the simple elegance of pieces like the Round Brilliant Diamond Straightline Bracelet.


Harry Winston Pendant

harry winston pendant
Harry Winston diamond pendants are a gracefully exquisite take on the notion of fine jewelry. Harry Winston came up with his philosophy for fine jewelry design one night in December 1940. He had just returned home from an evening out and saw snow glistening on a beautiful wreath of holly that adorned his front door. He then developed a technique called clustering, which consists of setting different cuts of diamonds -- pear, round brilliant, marquise shapes -- all at different angles, which creates a highly dimensional piece. A piece such as this would catch the light from nearly every angle, creating unprecedented sparkle, like that of glistening snow.


Sell Harry Winston Jewelry

sell harry winston jewelry

You're looking to sell your Harry Winston jewelry, but you're not sure where to go to get the best price for it. Luckily for you, the demand for Harry Winston jewelry remains high today. The first thing you need to do is find a reputable buyer.  Try to visit the buyer in person to get a sense of what he or she is like. Ask questions like: “What factors do you consider when conducting an appraisal?” and “Do you take into account brand name when pricing?” Next, get an in-store appraisal with a professional who has years of certified appraisal experience backing them. Once you’ve chosen the buyer and gotten the appraisal, get an offer and sell! It’s as easy as that.


Harry Winston Jewelry Appraisals

harry winston jewelry appraisal

Are you asking yourself, “Where can I get the best price for my Harry Winston jewelry?” Or, perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the many options and wondering “Where can I sell my Harry Winston jewelry in New York?” If either of those describes you, then let us help by telling you: get your jewelry appraised. Here are some helpful tips when looking for an appraiser:

1. Go to a licensed and accredited appraiser with years of experience. 
2. Make sure the appraiser tests the jewelry and/or diamonds right in front of you. The appraiser should not be testing them in a back room where you can’t see them.
3. The appraiser’s scales should be properly calibrated and certified. At Luriya, our scales are certified by New York State. Look for an appraiser that does the same.

Have a jewelry expert appraise your fine items

Send in your valuables to get the best price