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Sell Gold Coins

Sell Gold Coins

Selling Gold Coins


Selling gold coins may seem intimidating as it is a broad industry. Many people think the industry is full of scams, however, if you know what to look for, you will be able to sell your gold coins safely and confidently. Many gold coins are extremely valuable, and if you are looking to make some cash, read this guide and you will be one step closer to selling your gold coins for cash

Sell Gold Coins

When is the Right Time to Sell Gold Coins? 


There are many good times for you to sell your gold coins. Often, this depends on when you need money versus when the market for gold is high. In some circumstances, it may even be more beneficial to you to sell gold coins when you have identified whether the coins themselves have a large amount of what is called numismatic value, based on how they are struck and the rarity of the coins themselves beyond just their gold content. According to the US Coin Guide, metal value can make a substantial difference if the coin itself carries little numismatic value. Therefore, you can sell your gold for cash once you’ve found a reputable gold buyer. 


How To Sell Gold Coins

How Do I Determine the Best Place to Sell Gold Coins? 


When you attempt to sell gold coins, you must consider where to sell gold coins for the best price in the shortest amount of time. In some cases, you can sell gold coins for the highest price to a private collector or a smaller gold dealer, because they are willing to either pay the closest amount to the melt value or to the numismatic value of the coin. In some cases, you can sell gold coins to gold buyers in NYC for more because they could have an emotional attachment to a very good strike of a particular coin, and not even be interested in melting it down. However, meeting with a gold dealer that is able to make a deal rapidly can also be important when you sell gold coins. 

Gold Coin Buyers Near Me

What Are the Advantages of Selling Gold to a Private Buyer? 


Generally, it is worth visiting a local cash for gold coin shop when you are selling gold coins because it is always helpful to have extra opinions. Sometimes, you will either find that they are willing to make a better deal than their first offer or that the offers you get online also include a built-in fee to ship your gold to the refinery. In cases where you are selling gold coins in person, you can often tell if the coin dealer you find is willing to negotiate, or if they are trying to get the best deal for themselves. Often, the online world does not put forth any chance for negotiating when you want to sell gold


Gold Coin Dealers

How Do I Find a Gold Buyer I Can Trust? 


Often, the downside to when you sell gold coins through a personals site is that there is danger in the meeting. You also need to know the value of the coins you intend to sell, so you can tell if you are getting a fair offer. Meeting in a well-lit, neutral and public location is useful provided you know what kind of price you should be able to sell gold coins for. Often, the larger companies online are trustworthy because they have a reputation to uphold, and giving everyone a fair deal looks the best for them.

Where To Sell My Gold Coins

Where Can I Sell Gold Coins for the Best Price? 


When you sell gold coins, there are no fast rules for where you can get the best price. Sometimes posting a private ad on a free website allows you to deal directly with a coin collector, and collectors tend to pay the best prices. Keep in mind that when you sell gold coins to a dealer, they must still make a profit on either the resale of the coins themselves or the gold they melt the coins into. It is useful to present your coins to a dealer for an appraisal as they may have more financial resources to buy than a collector might. Remember that keeping your options open to as many offers as possible is generally the best prices available to sell gold coins

Where To Sell Gold Coins

How are Gold Coins Appraised? 


Typically, an appraiser looks at whether there is numismatic value to how much you could sell gold coins for. In some cases, such as with a rare coin or a well-struck one, you might be able to get a better value. However, even in the case of fairly common coins and ones that are badly worn, the potential buyer will weigh the coin. To test if the coin is really made of gold, often a dealer will make a small scratch in the coin and test it using a solution of nitric acid. If there is no reaction, the coin is most likely gold.

Places To Sell Gold Coins

How Do Gold Buyers Calculate the Value of Gold Coins? 


Calculating the value when you sell gold coins is generally done after the coin is tested for being actual gold. Appraisers will test the purity of the gold using nitric acid. At this point, the buyer will look up the current melt value of the gold itself, and attempt to determine how pure the gold is. It is implied that some of the gold will be lost during the melting and re-casting process, so this is factored in. Finally, the dealer determines how much profit they need to make, and offers a value based on these factors. Individual collectors evaluate differently.

Where To Sell Gold Coins Near Me

Should I Get My Gold Coins Certified Before Selling Them?


Certifying gold coins through the PCGS or NGC can determine their rarity and strike value. This is useful when you sell gold coins to a collector, but is not necessary for most gold dealers. Certifying the coin can fetch a higher value from a collector, but is a waste for melt value alone.

Selling Gold Coins Online

Any More Advice To Help As I Sell My Gold Coins?  


There are several interesting facts about gold that can aid when selling gold for cash. Such as:

The coloration of a gold coin, such as how it may have slightly discolored over many years, can add value if it is aesthetically pleasing to a collector. The strike of a coin can be important in that the more clearly a coin's image is presented, the more valuable it often is. The strike quality of a coin can also be expressed as clarity, and in many cases you can sell gold coins for more than their melt value if the coin is valuable from a numismatic or coin collecting standpoint. Finally, whether numismatic or melt value is used to sell gold coins, the carat weight translates into how much gold weight is involved. In most instances, a larger gold coin is going to be worth more money than a smaller gold coin.



Sell Gold Coins For Cash

Sell Your Gold Coins to Trusted Gold Buyers 


When you're trying to sell gold coins, it is imperative that you go with the professionals who've been in the gold business for multiple generations. You can eliminate any risk associated with selling gold coins by going with Luriya, where we make sure you feel safe and secure! Put your gold in the hands of our expert jewelers. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff that will measure your gold on NYS certified scales in front of you and provide you with full information about every aspect. Come see us today!

Selling Gold Coins For Cash Near Me

Selling Gold Coins to Honest Gold Buyers and Jewelers 


At Luriya, we strive for the best and most informative customer service possible when you're selling gold coins. We believe that being informed is the most important aspect of both gold selling and gold buying, which is why we retain the best certified jewelers and gemologists around to appraise and authenticate your gold. So if you're looking for where to sell gold coins, Luriya is your one-stop shop for experience, honesty, integrity and a comfortable selling experience.

Gold Coin Appraisal Near Me

Learn How to Sell Gold Coins: 


1. Remember that knowledge is power - don't sell gold coins without knowing all about your gold buyers.

2. Make sure the scale measurement process is easliy seen by you - like it is at Luriya.

3. As a generational business, we buy gold both locally and nationally and are a trusted community- oriented business.

4. Our local reputation has been built through charitable endeavors and our affirmed expertise in gold coins and jewelry. Come see us!

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Selling Gold Coins With Reliable Advice


During this especially lucrative gold economy, if you've happened to ask yourself the question “where to sell my gold?”, then you're on the right track. You realize that not all of the gold shops that have suddenly popped up are any good. At Luriya, we're proud to hold up our years of helping people sell gold coins for amazing payouts – in cash – by informing them of the important details. Our jewelers will tell you if your gold is fake or real and determine the full value for you to then sell it. We'll deliver for you, and beat out all other payouts for your gold coins.

Where Can I Sell My Gold Coins

Gold Buyers Tips: Things to Know Before You Sell Gold Coins For Cash


These tips and introduction should help you sell gold coins without feeling compromised at any of the many “we buy gold” locations.

1. At Luriya, our experts test every aspect of the gold right before your eyes.

2. The scales used at all of the locations of our gold buyers are certified by NYS and calibrated to meet stringent standards.

3. As a community business, Luriya has been a part of the local New York City scene for several generations, and has produced many top flight Jewelers who are well-respected.

4. In addition to our charitable contributions, we welcome locals and nationals with open arms for any questions – so please come see us!


Luriya makes selling gold coins effortless and quick!

How To Sell Gold Coins For Cash
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My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
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When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
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