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IWC Brand Begins 

history of iwc watches

The International Watch Company is a luxury watch company better known as "IWC". When American engineer Florentine Jones founded IWC, he intended to combine the craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers with modern American technology.

In 1869, he rented a space in Eastern Switzerland to begin manufacturing his watches. There, he teamed with technicians and marketers that had a prominent role in the growth of his company.


IWC Watch Collections

iwc watch collections

IWC watch designs stem from Portuguese and Italian influence. Today, IWC has six collections, all with different designs but incorporating the same timeless functionality. 

Each of the collections has a single theme that ties each of the pieces together. Many of International Watch Company's (IWC) designs are inspired by a time frame or location that awakens creativity within the designer. Some of his collections are more abstract, like the Da Vinci collection, which was based on the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Despite the difference in inspiration from the collections, each of them remains elegant and exquisite.


IWC Portofino & Pilot's Watches

iwc portofino and pilots watches

Their bestselling collection is their Pilot’s watches. Designed to match the authenticity of a pilot’s watch along with style and high-quality functionality. In 2009, IWC introduced the Big Pilot edition in 1900 pieces. Only one of them is all platinum and was auctioned for charity.

Portofino, a small village on the Italian coast, inspired the splendor of the IWC Portofino watch. The Mediterranean lifestyle is channeled through an elegant classic model. This collection of small watches is made for both men and women. The moon display of the dial is set in a background of a starry night. Its smooth and elegant feel is made with diamonds and white gold, red gold, and steel.


IWC Portugieser Automatic And IWC Aquatimer Chronograph


IWC Portugieser Automatic And IWC Aquatimer Chronograph

Equppied with mechanical movements, sapphire glass, and a rose gold band, this time-piece quickly became a best-seller within the industry. Combined with exceptional detail and timeless functionality, The IWC Portugieser Automatic is one of the most innovative watches ever created. 

Part of the Aquatimer collection, the IWC Aquatimer Chronograph is a best-seller out of the entire collection. With its sleek design and endless functionality, this time-piece is a tribute to classical watch making. 


Where to Sell IWC Watches

where to sell iwc watches

If you are looking to sell an IWC watch and found yourself wondering “Where can I sell my IWC watch”, you should follow some general guidelines to find the best place. Conduct significant research on the company you are selling to. Make sure they are professional and have affiliations and accreditations with reliable organizations.

You should always factor in other’s customer's experience. If you are selling your IWC watch, you will want a company that has great customer relations. Word-of-mouth recommendations or online company ratings should be considered.


Sell IWC Watches

sell iwc watches

IWC watches remain high in demand today. Watch collectors across the globe will buy pre-owned IWC watches for a competitive price. 

Before selling your IWC watch to a buyer, you should be as prepared as possible. First, it is crucial to understand the buyer's policy before you sell - such as the appraisal process, etc. Be sure to look for reputable companies that have years of experience authenticating and appraising brand-name watches


How to Sell IWC Watches: Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

how to sell iwc watches
  1. Search for cash on the spot policies. Some jewelers will offer a price for your IWC watch and pay you once they have sold the watch first; taking up to several weeks. At Luriya we will offer immediate cash on the spot payment.
  2. Mail-in kits are necessary if you cannot find a proper jeweler by your home. Selling an IWC watch can be tricky if you are not sure that the closest jeweler to you is professional. You can always request a mail-in kit from a trusted jeweler across the nation.
  3. Make sure that you bring proper documentation when you sell your IWC watch. It adds to the price, so you will want to sell it at the highest possible estimate. Several jewelers will not accept a luxury watch without the papers and the original box. At Luriya we are willing to price watches without this. 


Why You Should Sell IWC Watches To Luriya

sell iwc watches to luriya

If you want to Sell an IWC watch because you are looking for a new IWC watch or immediate cash, then you should start looking for jewelers. You will want to search for a jeweler that will give you a fair pay-out price for your used luxury watch. Due to our cash-on-the-spot policy, Luriya is the best place to sell your used IWC watch for cash. Additionally, make sure that the jeweler will be willing to do a non-committal appraisal. At Luriya we appraise for free and encourage our customers to appraise with other jewelers as well.

At Luriya, our appraisers have over twenty years of experience in authenticating valuables. We have acquired lifelong customers within the Diamond District in New York City, and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Make an appointment to sell your IWC watch today. 


IWC Da Vinci:

iwc da vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci visualized and managed to create the earliest clockworks of the Italian Rebirth of arts and science. Da Vinci made countless documents describing ways to measure time; as well as countless sketches of helical gears, bevel gears, and screw transmissions. Inventions that watch makers we still use today.

His work inspired IWC to create a watch that had mechanical chronograph with a perpetual calendar and a display that shows the year in four digits. This was the first time that IWC displayed the date, day, month, year, decade, century, millennium and phase of the moon; allowing all of this to be simultaneously set.


IWC Aquatimer

iwc aquatimer

The Aquatimer watch has evolved enormously as time has gone by. Initially, the watch was inspired by the creator of IWC’s close connections with diving in the 1960s. This inspired the creation of a water and pressure-resistant watch that featured a rotating bezel. Later, the Aquatimer was improved to resist pressure up to 200 bars underwater.

As of now, the Aquatimer is made with titanium; it has an external rotating bezel with an inset sapphire glass and a glow-in-the-dark feature called Super-LumiNova. When the external rotating bezel is moved to the left, the internal rotating bezel turns with the dive time scale. When the external bezel is moved to the right, the internal rotating bezel remains stationary, and the dive time is unchanged.

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