Sell Platinum in NYC

Trying to Sell Platinum in NYC? 

You may be wondering if your rings or other jewelry are made of platinum and if you can profit from them. The first step would be to bring them in for a free appraisal like the one Luriya offers. Or if you’re not ready to sell yet, but want more information on platinum and how to sell platinum in NYC, keep reading for our summary of these points.


Where Can I Sell Platinum In NYC?

where can I sell platinum in nyc

We think there's only one right answer - Luriya! We put your desires as the customer first, no matter what. As a respected NYC platinum buyer, we are well aware of the dubious practices of some other establishments and steer well clear of their tactics. We use our own highly-touted jewelry appraisers for results you can be happy with because we know that selling platinum can lead to a big cash payout for you.


Getting Cash For Your Platinum in NYC Is Just A Click Away

get cash for platinum in nyc

If you aren’t local to NYC, that’s perfectly fine; most of our favorite customers are spread across the nation. They just know that New York City platinum buyers like Luriya have their interests in mind and are fully capable and willing to appraise their platinum - at no cost! Look us up to start yourself on the road to getting cash for your platinum that beats out all of your other local offers.


What Are Some Good Reasons to Sell Platinum in NYC?

reasons to sell platinum in NYC

A sign that reads “We buy gold” will probably also have one next to it that advertises platinum-buying services, because of the explosive growth in their value recently. Consider this when you're thinking about where to sell platinum in NYC:

1. Do they use calibrated measurement scales that bear a seal of certification? At Luriya, we most certainly do - our scales are certified by none other than New York State.

2. How are their testing practices and etiquette? At Luriya, we test all gold and platinum jewelry in front of our customers.

3. Investigate their standing in the community, and how well they relate to their neighboring businesses.


Where To Sell Platinum In NYC For The Best Payout

where to sell platinum in nyc for best cash

At Luriya, we believe that information is a key that unlocks all doors. This holds true for selling platinum in New York, just as it does anywhere else. We are uniquely positioned, however, to get the biggest cash payouts for you. We can do so because of our minimal overhead, which comes from being a national business with many sellers and buyers. As a family-oriented business, we’ve never lost that personal touch, and realize the importance of being open and transparent when performing the authentication process - everything is above board.


What Should You Know Before Selling Your Platinum To Us?

sell platinum to luriya

1. Here at Luriya, we respect customers selling platinum and make sure the testing is done in front of them.

2. Luriya is known throughout Manhattan and NYC for participating regularly in charitable events.

3. All our equipment is to regulation, with scales carrying the official seal of NYS.

4. Our integrity shines through our glowing customer satisfaction reports, making us a trustworthy option in the New York platinum scene.

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