Sell Collectible Coins in NYC

Want to Sell Collectible Coins in NYC?

Coin collections can be extremely valuable and fetch a high price from the right buyer. To sell collectible coins in NYC with the highest profit, you need to do your research. Get a free expert appraisal with Luriya before selling, and see the points we’ve outlined below to better understand how to sell collectible coins in NYC!


Where To Sell Collectible Coins In NYC

where to sell collectible coins in nyc

There are many places you can sell to, but the reason why you should sell collectible coins in NYC to Luriya is that we are a national gold buyer with the liquid cash to ensure a large payout - certainly one that beats out jewelry dealers who only have the infrastructure to sell and buy gold locally. With Luriya, you’re in the hands of a trustworthy, honest, and reputable business with decades of experience, and selling collectible coins in NYC to us leads to very satisfying cash returns for you.


Why is NYC The Place to Go to Sell Collectible Coins for Great Payouts?

sell collectible coins in nyc

You can feel comfortable and safe selling old and collectible coins in NYC with Luriya because we make you feel safe with our practices and reputation. Just about anyone who has ever dealt with us in our 20 years of gold selling and jewelry buying will tell you the cash payout they received easily outperformed anything they could have gotten from a pawn shop or local dealer. Sell collectible coins in NYC with us and you’ll soon agree with them!


Why Should I Sell Collectible Coins in NYC For Cash With Luriya?


sell collectible coins in nyc for cash

As an established rare coin buyer in NYC with roots in the community, we are primed and ready to offer you more cash than any other precious metals dealer in all of New York City. If you need more proof, then let us reassure you that:

1. At Luriya, we believe in full disclosure. This means that when you sell collectible coins for cash in NYC, we’ll run all the tests right before your eyes so that we can see the results together.

2. You can rest assured that our scales are all legitimate; they are calibrated before every measurement to give accurate results, and bear certification from NYS.


Learn How to Sell Collectible Coins in NYC

how to sell collectible coins in nyc

Selling collectible coins in NYC might seem easy at first - just walk over to one of the many rare coin dealers out there and get paid. However, when you bring in your collectible coins first to Luriya for a free appraisal, you learn so much from our professional, certified jewelers that you can’t help but command higher prices for your collection when you finally decide to sell. Furthermore, selling collectible coins in NYC to us gets you paid faster, and much more than a street-dealer can afford. It’s easy; just stop by one of our locations and ask us anything at all!

Where to Sell Collectible Coins in NYC to Reap Dividends


where to sell collectible coins in nyc

With a plethora of advertisements out there, it can be a bit hard to decide where to sell collectible coins in NYC for a fair price. Luckily, there are ways to weed out the bad New York coin buyers; all it takes is little research:

1. Go online and find the website of the Better Business Bureau. If the gold dealer you’re considering shows up on their lists with negative reports, skip that one.

2. Your neighbors are always ready to tell an inquisitive person whether you’ve been naughty or nice - it works the same with businesses. Check out the local community and the extent of their interaction with the neighborhood. For example, Luriya is an active participant in local charities and has been a neighborhood mainstay for decades.

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