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The Iconic Chanel

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“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,” exclaimed one of the most important figures of fashion. Coco Chanel is known for her timeless designs like the suit and the little black dress paired with pearls. She tailored her designs around comfort of the individual.

This is why people constantly look for stores that sell Chanel. Chanel grew to become more than just a luxury fashion brand, as they now have many perfumes as well as world-famous jewelry lines. Coco Chanel's jewlery is regarded as some of the world's finest.

The History of Chanel

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Women's fashion in Paris during the early 1900’s was booming as women gained independence. One woman, Gabriel Coco Chanel, used her independence to start her own business.

Chanel had dreamed of being a fashion designer since she was a little girl. In 1909, her dream became a reality. Chanel started her own business selling hats, jewelry and perfume that she designed. Her first shop was on the ground floor of a Parisian flat where she sold her designs to socialite women.

The Evolution of Chanel

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Soon, Chanel became financially independent and opened boutiques around Paris. She started making clothing for women, while always adapting to the evolving fashion trends. She made dresses for flapper girls, then made suits as women started becoming more prominent in the business world.

By 1920, Chanel had a line of suits, that she believed allowed women to have a feminine and modern appearance while remaining comfortable. One year later, she created the Chanel no. 5 perfume to compliment the suits. First, she gave them to her customers as a gift. When she recieved rave reviews about the perfume, she started selling them for retail.

Chanel Jewelry

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Chanel includes eight collections of fine jewelry. The two most popular among women are the Coco Crush collection and the Ultra Collection.

The Coco Crush collection includes rings and bracelets, all designed with gold to make women feel bold while remaining elegant. The Ultra collection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. This collection incorporates silver, diamonds, and ceramic. The unique use of silver and black ceramic has made it a favorite among buyers.

Vintage Chanel

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Today, Chanel is associated with high fashion, as many celebrities wear her designs. Following her death, the prices have increased due to the demand of her products, making it unique for collectors. Many people inquire to sell Chanel to collectors because it is so high in demand.

Vintage Chanel necklaces are beautiful and rare. Just like Coco Chanel herself, her necklaces are distinguished and strong with an air of elegance.  Chanel diamond necklaces, Chanel choker necklaces, and Chanel's Double C necklace are all classics of the Chanel brand. The Chanel necklace pendants come in gold, diamonds, black ceramic, and gems. Each of the pendants are distinctly unique designs due to the variety in the 8 collections. 

Sell Chanel Jewelry

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But, how do you know where to sell your Chanel 

  1. Be sure your items are being tested in front of you in a way that you can understand. Luriya makes the process transparent.
  2. Are you certain of their reputation? As a buyer, they should have a good one before you sell your Chanel Jewelry to them.
  3. Do they offer a free appraisal with no strings attached? At Luriya, we're here to helpWe appraise all items free of charge. We are very certain of the prices we offer for each piece and even tell our clients to appraise at other locations.

Why You Should Sell Chanel To Luriya

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Luriya is a national company that has more than twenty years of experience in appraising brand name valuables. Luriya provides an in-store appraisal, and considers the brand and quality of the piece during the appraisal in order to provide the best payout.

At Luriya, you will be given an expert appraisal, a generous offer, complimentary refreshments, and invaluable education to help you in selling your jewelry. It may appear to be a daunting task at first, but fear not; at Luriya, everything is measured in front of you and the entire process is explained so you are aware of every step!

Selling Chanel With Confidence

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Unfortunately, there are several scammers out there that will hinder your ability to sell brand jewelry like Chanel. If you want to avoid getting ripped off by shady pawn shops, you should sell to companies like Luriya.

First, you must look for a reputable company. Be sure to look for companies with experience, as they are the most trustworthy. And, be sure of the Chanel buyers policy before you sell your Chanel. Always choose a company that will appraise your piece in store, in front of you.

Chanel's Powerful Jewelry Designs

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Chanel pearl bracelets come in a variety of designs from Chanel cuff bracelets, to chains of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The Chanel bracelets also come with diamonds, cultured pearls as well as other gemstones. Other bracelets like the Baroque Bracelet come in yellow gold, cultured pearls and gemstones.  

The Sous Le Signe Du Lion collection features lion designs which represent power and strength in the bracelets. Chanel jewelry bracelets, Chanel gold bracelets, and bracelets of gemstones are very popular and highly requested.

A Wide Variety Of Chanel Jewelry

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Chanel offers engagement rings with a large variation of diamonds, that were chosen by gemologists from the house of Chanel. Chanel’s rings for women come in almost 100 different designs, from eight separate collections.

Chanel’s fashion earrings are intended to make the playful side of every lady’s personality shine. While some Chanel diamond earrings are more mature with sleek designs; other earrings are more juvenile.  Some of the designs come shaped like stars and comets, while the Sous Le Signe du Lion line shapes the earrings like lions. Gold Chanel earrings are very popular due to the diverse looks of each design and use of gems.  Currently, there are over 24 different designs to choose from.

The Chanel Symbol

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If you’re looking for how to sell Chanel jewelry, you’re probably familiar with the iconic interlocked Cs that denote the Chanel brand. What many don’t realize is that Chanel introduced this well-recognized brand symbol back in the 1920s. Ever since then, that mark has heralded unique designs with a feminine sense of style. In fact, her designs have been so influential, that’s she’s the only fashion designer that managed to make it onto TIME magazine’s list of the 20th Century’s Most Influential People. While many associate the Chanel symbol with handbags, you can also find this logo on many Chanel jewelry pieces.

Changing Fashion Trends

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If you’re looking for Chanel jewelry buyers, you should make sure that you’re finding the right purchaser for your Chanel earrings or to sell your Chanel necklace. Chanel, in addition to making fine jewelry, pioneered the costume jewelry industry. Her quality, but low-cost pieces were a hit with nearly everyone. Even those that could afford more expensive jewelry enjoyed being able to wear their costume pieces in public, when it wouldn’t be safe or appropriate to wear their fine jewelry. Prior to Chanel’s costume lines, only those who couldn’t afford fine jewelry tended to wear costume accessories. However, many found that due to the beauty of the style, they were just as impressive as their more expensive pieces. Even today, Chanel crafts many elegant costume accessories that are perfect to go with almost any outfit.

Famous Chanel Designs

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In 1933 Coco Chanel worked with designer Paul Iribe to create some of the most extravagant pieces Chanel has ever produced. A commission by the International Guild of Diamond Merchants, these exquisite designs were made exclusively in diamond and platinum, a sharp detour from the usual Chanel. While they were only on display for a month-long period, over 3,000 people were recorded coming to see these opulent accessories. That was quite a crowd for the era, and some of the most unique designs ever put out by the brand.

Vintage Chanel Designs for Film

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Part of the fun of selling vintage Chanel jewelry is knowing the stories that come with them. Coco Chanel designed for Hollywood for a short period of time, doing both costumes and jewelry. In doing so, both Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo became her personal clients; however, she found that her styles did not translate well on screen and that she didn’t like the Hollywood mentality. In her own words, she said the culture was "infantile," and she was an open critic of them, despite the backlash she received. While Hollywood left a bad taste in her mouth, she went on to work on several French films, where her designs were more appreciated. Ironically, if you walk down Hollywood streets today, you’ll likely see many Chanel bags and accessories along your trek.

Chanel and Pearls

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For quite some time, pearls were one of the most opulent gems, reserved only for the wealthiest. However, Coco Chanel saw the beauty in these, and realized that not only could she forge them into some of the most elegant pieces of jewelry to go with her little black dress, but that they would be accessible to almost everyone. If you’re looking at selling a Chanel necklace, remember that pearls are the perfect companion accessory. They are always in style and go with almost every outfit. Because of this, pearls can almost always find a seller. Just remember that if you’re selling Chanel, that you need to find a reputable buyer. There are many scammers out there, so if you’re trying to sell Chanel jewelry online, go with a trusted company like Luriya.

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