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Sell Diamonds In NYC

Sell Diamonds In NYC

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Diamonds In NYC?


The answer is it depends. The market is constantly evolving and, even if you think you know the right answer, you still need an expert who knows where the best place to sell diamonds is. Do your research and find a diamond dealer in NYC who can get you a great deal - might we suggest taking a look at Luriya?

Sell My Diamond NYC

Do The Diamond Buyers NYC Look For Paperwork?


When looking for diamond buyers in New York City, it’s not just about the product, but also the paper that comes with it. Any paperwork you have that demonstrates the worth of your diamond will help it sell for what it deserves. Remember to dig out any original paperwork from the initial purchase, as well as any appraisals you may have ordered - these will help ensure you get the highest price when selling diamonds in the Diamond District.

Selling Diamond in NYC Diamond District

It’s All About Trust


If you’re not known to sell diamonds in the diamond district (as is the case with most private sellers), you are automatically at a disadvantage because you do not have a reputation. This does not mean that you are an untrustworthy person or are trying to deceive anyone. It simply means that you are an unknown to the person interested in buying your diamond. This translates into a lower price when you're trying to sell diamonds in NYC - unless you team up with someone who has an established reputation. Instead of worrying about the best way to sell diamonds in Brooklyn, go to Luriya to learn about getting the highest price for it in Manhattan. You will be benefiting from their stellar reputation and extensive knowledge, which translates into a higher sales price.

Cash for Diamonds NYC

Remember To Appraise Potential Appraisers


Just like with diamonds themselves, all appraisers of quality gemstones are not the same. With something as valuable as your diamond, you want to approach finding an appraiser with the same care you would take when appraising a property. This means finding an established appraiser who has the experience and know-how to properly evaluate the world’s finest stones. For those wondering where to sell diamond jewelry, at Luriya you will find only the most experienced professionals who can get you the best price in the diamond district.

Best Place to Sell Diamonds in NYC

Diamond Buyers In New York Agree - Condition Matters


You wouldn’t sell your car without cleaning out the back seat, so when selling a diamond, it needs to be in tiptop condition to get the best price. Make sure your diamond is properly polished in order to let its clarity and brilliance show. Your investment will be rewarded when you sell.

Diamond Buyers in NYC

Never Been A Better Time To Sell


Diamonds are essentially luxury items, meaning that what you can get for them varies. In lean times, people are naturally less inclined to buy your diamond. However, with the economy performing well and new wealth in countries like China and India driving prices up, it’s never been a better time to sell your diamond in NYC.

Where to Sell Diamonds in NYC

Where To Sell Gold And Diamonds - Finding The Right Buyer!


If the person who wants to buy your diamond doesn’t know who you are, that sale is not going to happen. In a market like this it is not enough to have something to sell - you need to make a connection with the person who wants it. That is why working with an established diamond seller is so important. They know the market, and buyers know them. Don’t let that great sale slip away because they didn’t know about your diamond.

Selling Diamond Earrings NYC

Even At The Best Place To Sell Diamonds In NYC, You Need A Reason To Sell!


Sometimes we have to sell things that, on some level, we are not ready to part with. You may say to yourself “I want to sell my engagement ring in NYC”, but still have reservations. Perhaps it has sentimental value, or it belonged to a cherished relative. Obviously, it’s up to you to sell or not. Once you make that decision though, it’s important to accept you want to sell it and be objective about getting the best price. Having an experienced third party assist you is a great way to ensure this. If you're looking for places to sell diamonds, why not take a trip to us to learn where the best place to sell jewelry in Manhattan is.

Reputable Diamond Dealers NYC

Where To Sell Diamonds In NYC - Do Your Research!


Even if you know it’s a good idea to partner with someone who knows how to sell diamond jewelry in NYC, it’s still worthwhile to educate yourself about your diamond. Look online to learn about the four C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You’ll be an expert in no time and will be able to talk about your diamond using the correct technical terms.


Diamond Buyer New York

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations


While we all like to dream we own the Hope Diamond, it’s important to have realistic market-based expectations of what your diamond is worth. The answer to “How much can I sell a diamond ring for in Queens?” is how much someone in Queens is willing to pay for it. You should consider that someone in Manhattan may pay even more. Family lore may have given your ring a personal value in excess of what it is actually worth. Conversely, you may be pleasantly surprised to find your jewelry is worth more than you thought. A proper appraisal will settle the matter.


NYC Diamond Buyers

Selling Diamonds in NYC for Their Full Worth


devilThe truth is, not everyone can afford to give you the full value when you’re selling diamonds in NYC. For most dealers, after you factor in overhead and customer/regional limitations, you’ll be lucky to get a fraction of what you could get at Luriya. We have too many customers from all over the nation to worry about overhead, and this translates to more cash for your diamonds in NYC. Factor in our free appraisals and generous education, and you’ve got yourself a great deal.

Sell Loose Diamonds NYC

Sell Diamonds in NYC with Confidence


If you have gold and precious metals you want or need to get rid of, there isn't a better place in NYC to sell diamonds to than Luriya. In addition to expertly authenticating your gold jewelry, the professional jewelers at Luriya are sure to arm you with the knowledge you need to sell diamonds in NYC for the maximum cash payout – which is exactly what they're worth. Come on in and get the true value of your diamonds before being undersold by anyone else – we're here to help!

Selling Diamonds NYC

Checklist Before Selling Diamonds NYC


The price of diamonds is so high right now every vendor and dealer has gotten in on the action. However, if you really want to find a diamond buyer in NYC that will give you cash for your diamonds, follow these easy steps and you will be able to find the best deal: 

1. If you’re selling diamonds in NYC, check the equipment being used to test your valuables. Is it being tested in front of you? Is it calibrated and regulated? What about the seal of approval or certification from a professional body? For reference, New York gold and diamond buyer Luriya has full certification from NYS for all our scales.

2. Does the business show up on the Better Business Bureau radar? If they’ve ever had any infractions involving something as valuable as gold or diamonds, you can bet that they would have been reported.

3. What is their relationship with the community? Luriya is known to donate to charity regularly.

Diamond Dealers NYC

Luriya Is Where to Sell Diamonds In NYC


Take advantage of the gold market, which has bolstered the diamond selling market as well. NYC-based, family-owned business Luriya takes pride in informing our customers about the market value, so when they sell diamonds in NYC, they get the most cash available from any dealer. Our experts will authenticate your diamonds and gauge their full value, in keeping with our years of reputation-building and honesty. You then get a cash payout if you choose to sell diamonds with us!

Sell Diamond Jewelry NYC

Without These Tips, Selling Diamonds In NYC Could Be Hard


Finding a place to sell diamonds in NYC is made much easier when you know what to look for. 

1. The gold standard of selling diamonds in NYC is Luriya, and we measure all your precious items where you can see them. If the diamond buyer doesn’t do this, think twice - in fact, think once: No.

2. Are their scales straight as an arrow? They should be well-balanced, calibrated and certified. Luriya’s scales have the seal of the NYS.

3. The reputation should, of course, be great. Selling diamonds is a high-risk endeavor, and should be backed by a history of reliability.

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Maria Calensanes, San Antonio, TX
My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
Donald Stenman, Brooklyn, NY
When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
Jennifer Azules, San Diego, CA
For anyone looking to sell diamonds, Luriya is the place to go. They pay well, instruct you about their prices, and let you take your time to make a decision on a deal. Will be back.