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Sell Emeralds in NYC

Sell Emeralds in NYC

Looking For Emerald Buyers In New York?


If you want to sell emeralds in NY, there’s no reason to worry when you are ready to sell. Emeralds are extremely valuable right now - and rising in price just like gold - that doing the necessary research to find the right emerald buyer in NYC is well worth it. At Luriya we appraise emeralds and precious metals for free! Come see us and you’ll sell your emeralds for cash in no time at all!

Sell Emeralds In New York

How to Sell Emeralds in NYC for More


You will definitely make a nice sum of money selling emeralds in NYC, no matter where you go. Whether you're selling emerald rings or emerald earrings, look for a dealer with a longstanding history of free appraisals and certified scales to measure your valuables. With Luriya, getting cash for emeralds in NYC is within reach; all you have to do is come see our honest and trustworthy jewelers for an authentication and great offer.

Emerald Buyers In New York

Where Is There A Good Emerald Buyer Near Me?


If you're in NYC, the answer is Luriya! Selling emeralds in NYC for cash doesn’t need to be risky, as long as you investigate the dealer you’re going with. This means dotting your i's and crossing your t's when it comes to doing research. Make sure they:

1. Run any tests on the authenticity and weight of your emerald jewelry in front of you. This has long been a standard practice of Luriya - but not all jewelers do this.

2. Look for evidence of their standing in their local neighborhood. An example of this is how Luriya engages in charitable events. A portion of our proceeds goes to programs in need.

3. Check their scales. Luriya makes sure you know that the measuring equipment is all certified by NYS and calibrated to meet industry specifications.

Want To Sell Emeralds New York

Where to Sell Emeralds in NYC


When you’re looking for where to sell emeralds NYC, you need to know the places to avoid if you want the most cash. Pawn shops and small jewelry stores that only deal locally simply can’t get you the amount of cash that authentic emeralds are worth. They concern themselves with overhead and limited customers. On the other hand, if you sell emeralds in NYC to Luriya, we can guarantee you a big cash payout. We’re national as well as local, so overhead isn’t a concern - you benefit from the savings!

Emerald Buyers New York

Selling Emeralds in NYC to Luriya


With over two decades in the jewelry business, we owe our longevity to the honesty and trustworthiness of our business model. If you’re selling emeralds in NYC, all you have to do is take a look at our satisfied clients to know that we’re concerned about the customer first and foremost. Our reputation has endured thanks to people like you, who are happy with the cash payout they walk away with when they bring their precious stones to us.

Where To Sell Emeralds In New York

What Determines the Price of Emeralds?


There are many factors to consider when pricing an emerald such where it's from and who the jeweler was, and many more. However, similiar to other gems they're also graded on the ever important 4 C's. Meaning color, clarity, carat, and cut, with the most important of the C's for an emerald being it's color.

Where Can i Sell My Emerald In New York

What are the 4 C's and How Do They Affect the Price?


Similar to a diamond the 4 C's to look out for when selling or buying an emerald are color, clarity, carat, and cut.

Unlike a diamond, the most important factor to consider when looking at an emerald is it's color. There are two factors to consider here. Tone, which is the hue of color itself and typically the darker the better. And saturation which is what gives the emerald it's intensity and strength, the more saturation the better.

When talking about the carat of an emerald, you're most likely talking about its size and weight.
A carat converted into the metric system equals roughly 0.02 grams. However, unlike a diamond, some experts will say it's better to buy a small emerald of better color quality than it is to buy a large emerald with poor color quality.

The clarity basically refers to how clear the emerald is. The quality is determined by the specific characteristics found inside of the emerald, such as scratches, shapes, traces and other things. Just about all emeralds have have these, and unlike a diamond; the lack of them should raise your suspicion of whether or not it's real.

The cut is the shape of the emerald and should typically be cut symmetrically with uniform facets to achieve the best color and brilliance. 

Where To Sell My Emeralds In New York

Emerald vs Peridot


When you are looking to sell an emerald or a piece of emerald jewelry you may be surprised to find out that your emerald is peridot, a common mistake often made by the ancient Egyptians. Peridot, a gem that’s worth less than emerald could often be identified by it’s lighter green color and its hardness of 6.5-7 compared to emerald’s hardness of 7.5-8. If you suspect your emerald is peridot, go get it looked at by a professional jeweler, try Luriya for a free appraisal.

Selling My Emerald in New York

What is the Difference Between a Colombian, Brazilian, & Zambian Emerald Stone?


If you have an emerald, chances are that it comes from Colombia, Brazil, or Zambia. Luckily, emeralds from all areas bear a high value and Luriya will see to it that you get the most for your precious stone. There are many key factors to consider when identifying where your emerald came from but to the naked eye the observable few are color, and the presence of an oil drop effect which results from shining light on it through inclusions (particles within the gem itself).

Colombian emeralds will tend to have a fine leafy bluish green tone and will have an oil drop effect since they have the most inclusions in comparison to the other two. They also tend to fetch the highest price.

Brazilian emeralds will tend to have a slight brown or gray cast with a pure green hue and will have an oil drop effect since it has some inclusions. They tend to be priced between Colombian and Zambian emeralds.

Zambian emeralds will tend to be deep green with a deep bluish shade and will lack an oil drop effect due to less inclusions. This means that they also tend to be more transparent. These will often fetch the lowest price of the three.

It’s not easy identifying which country your precious emerald comes from so we recommend you have it appraised. A service that Luriya provides for free.

Sell My Emerald Ring In New York

Why Should I Sell my Emerald Ring?

It's tough to know whether or not you are ready to sell an engagement ring, or to get rid of that one ring that doesn’t suit you. Fortunately for you, emerald rings are always a valuable commodity, no matter the cut, with some emeralds costing more than diamonds. Whether you have a princess style stone or a round one, if you’re in any of the five boroughs and want cash for your emerald ring, the options can seem endless. Don't go to some random cash for gold place on the corner, go to the diamond district in Manhattan and visit Luriya where you can get your ring appraised for free and see what it's worth. If you aren't ready to sell it, no problem, but if you are, get ready to leave with a nice sum of cash.
Sell Emerald Ring In New York

How do I Tell If my Emerald is Fake?


With the price that emeralds fetch on the market it's no wonder that there are many fakes floating about. While some are made so well it's only apparent to the eyes of a professional jeweler not all are made equal. If you have suspicion that your emerald is fake, perhaps a couple of these tell tale signs will help you.

1. When put under a magnifying glass and there are no inclusions or "chaos" within the gem, you almost certainly have a fake one. Nature is very random in it's ways and the chances that a real natural emerald is completely clear is slim to none.

2. If your emerald sparkles it's likely fake. Emeralds don't share this property with diamonds.

3. If your emerald has layers to it, it's likely fake. This is a common method of creating fake stone, with the green in between 2 colorless ones.

Unfortunately craftsmanship of fake emeralds vary quite a bit with differences only professional jewelers can tell apart. If you have a difficult time identifying whether or not your gem is real, go have it appraised by a trained professional.

Emerald Stone Buyers in New York

Are Synthetic Emeralds Valuable?


While you may have found out your emerald is fake, that does not particularly mean that it's not a real. Real in the sense that it's synthetic or man-made. Synthetic emeralds are made in a lab and are identical to their natural counter parts. Only difference is that they're worth less. Luckily for you if your'e the owner of some synthetic emeralds; they're actually some of the most expensive of the synthetic gems. In other words, even synthetic emeralds are worth selling.

Emerald Buyers Near My New York

Emerald Price Per Carat


With the more well-known gem named diamond taking up the spotlight it's no surprise that some may not know that emeralds can sometimes even be more expensive than a diamond per carat. However, just like diamonds the price can vary greatly depending on factors such as the 4 C's. If you are curious of how much your emerald is worth get it appraised today. 

Best Place to Sell Emeralds New York

Do I Need a GIA Report to Sell my Emerald?


While it's not necessary to have a GIA report or any paperwork on your emerald to sell it, it's certainly wise to provide as much information on your precious gem as possible when you are ready to sell it. It makes your life easier because you already have an idea of how much it's worth and it makes the buyer's job easier as they have more information to work with. If you lack paperwork have no fear as Luriya will still pay you top dollar for your emerald.

Best Place to Sell Emeralds in New York

What is the Typical Appraisal Process?


A typical jewelry appraisal process is done with lots of experience and great care. The certified gemologist will weigh your jewelry, test the authenticity, and inspect it. 

Weigh: Your jewelry will be weighed on a professionally calibrated scale. 

Test: If your jewelry is made with emeralds the appraiser will test their authenticity with all the necessary tests such as black light, or support filters. 

Inspect: Lastly, the appraiser will inspect the jewelry with a magnifying glass to look for any abrasions (typically with a jeweler's loupe). 

According to the appraisers findings, he will calculate an estimate. 

Best Place To Sell Emerald Ring In New York
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