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Sell Gold Coins In NYC

Sell Gold Coins In NYC

Where Are There Coin Buyers Near Me?


If you're in the NYC area, the answer is Luriya! Our convenient Midtown Manhattan location makes getting in and out with a deal you like a breeze.

Maybe you’re wondering whether dealing in gold is a lucrative business. To put things in perspective, you should realize that rare coins have a fixed and very limited supply. Therefore, their value has historically increased when demand exceeds availability. When the economy is booming, people tend to invest their hard-earned cash in the stock market, not in the bullion market.

However, unlike stocks and bonds, the value of gold coins can remain stable even when the economy in New York and the entire globe is taking a downturn. The rewards of buying and selling rare coins made of silver and gold are long-term and limitless.

Sell My Gold Coins NYC

How Can I Find Coin Collectors In NYC?


Gold coins can be sold in a wide range of markets, whether you live in the city or in a rural location. Coin collectors evaluate each gold coin on its own merits, and examine variables such as demand, rarity, and purity, just to name a few. Since gold coins like the Mexican 50 peso are elaborate, complex, and rich in detail, you will find that they are more expensive than equivalent gold bars or nuggets. However, to get a higher profit from your investment, there are specific factors you need to consider before selling your gold coins. For instance, rather than taking a risk by giving your valuables to unscrupulous buyers on the street, you should consider doing business with Luriya - an NYC dealer with a proven track record to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Coin Dealers NYC

How Can I Find The Right Gold Coin Dealers In NYC?


If you are a coin collector in NYC and you are looking to sell some or all of your collection, you will want to approach a professional gold coin buyer. The level of expertise demonstrated by our seasoned experts comes from our 20-plus years of experience. We only purchase gold coins after being satisfied with their legitimacy. Whether your collection includes South African Gold Krugerrand or Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, we will help you determine its net worth. We understand that our customers may have a sentimental attachment to their gold coins, and you can be assured that we will take appropriate care of your valuables.

Gold Coin Dealers NYC

How To Assess And Sell Coins In NYC


When assessing your gold coin collection, you should note that most coins are categorized into two distinct types. For example, if you want to sell American Eagle coins, many of these coins are classed as “regular bullion” - which sells for its base gold value. On the other hand, if you want to sell rare collectible gold coins in NYC – like a $20 Saint-Gaudens - then these can be sold for more than their base gold value. Luriya will help you to differentiate your valuable coin collection, irrespective of whether you reside in Manhattan or the Bronx.

Coin Collectors NYC

What Questions Should You Ask When Selling Gold Coins?


Whether you are looking to sell Turkish Republic gold coins or you want to sell $20 Liberty gold coins, failing to ask the right questions may expose you to scams and you risk losing your money. Some of the critical questions you should ask in a bid to protect yourself include:

What is the current price of gold, and how much do your coins weigh? Find out that day’s spot price for gold and use it in your calculations when the appraiser weighs your gold coins. If the price they quote is significantly different than the spot price, you should take your gold coins elsewhere.

How long have they been in business?  If you are looking to sell your Double Eagle coin at a profit, you will want to avoid coin dealers in NYC who have only been in business for a short time, since the chances are high that they haven’t yet learned the ropes.

Where Can I Sell My Coins in NYC

Looking For A Gold Coin Dealer In NYC? Here's What the Buyer Needs From You


If you are looking to sell your gold coin collection, you will want to keep it in optimal condition lest it become unacceptable to buyers. For instance, if you live in a humid environment, you should realize that excess moisture can cause your coins to deteriorate. Humid conditions may cause damage, but you can protect your valuables by keeping them in an airtight holder made of inert materials. Also, never store your gold coins in regular plastic, since it may give off volatile gases that may harm your coin.

Sell Gold Coin New York

How To Get A Free Gold Coin Appraisal In NYC


Gold valuables, and especially rare gold coins, have many variables that influence their actual value. If you aren’t proficient in the rare coin market, you will want to have an expert to help appraise your collection. At Luriya, our experts have been helping gold coin collectors in NYC get their money’s worth on their investment for over 20 years. This includes those looking to sell rare coins like the Chinese Panda Gold Coin.

Coin Appraisal NYC

Why Should I Keep Track Of the Daily Gold Price?


The set price at which gold coins sell in New York changes on a daily basis, and is dependent on the global markets. Whether you are interested in selling Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins or buying Gold Buffalo Coins, it’s in your best interest to keep monitoring that day’s trading rate for gold, to avoid being undercharged. Luriya offers the best possible cash payouts for gold coins of all kinds. Our offers are superior to those of many gold dealers in Queens, or even Long Island.

NYC Coin

How Can I Find A Reputable Coin Buyer Near Me?


If you are looking to sell your gold coins for cash, you are probably wondering whether shops with a physical location or web-based retailers in Manhattan are more secure. While not all online gold coin buyers are unscrupulous, many people have lost their valuables by assuming that a prospective buyer is reputable simply because they have a nice website. The best way to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy dealer is by checking their reviews online, whether through the Better Business Bureau, Google, or Yelp. Better still, consider contacting Luriya, a reputable dealer with a physical presence in New York City.

Where to Sell My Coins in NYC

Why Patience Matters When Selling Gold Coins In New York


Among the most significant mistakes first-time gold coin sellers make is taking shortcuts. Impatience and the need for instant gratification can significantly cloud your judgment. If, for instance, you are looking to sell Austrian 100 Corono Gold Coins, you might want to consider taking them over to Manhattan, instead of taking the first offer you get in Brooklyn without thinking it through.

Although there is no perfect guide or manual regarding how best you can sell your valuables, your 100 Corono gold coin might fetch you significantly more if you carefully consider all the options for selling your coins. Located in Midtown Manhattan, Luriya might well save you the heartache of realizing later on that you sold your gold for much less than it was really worth!

Gold Coin Appraisal NYC

Are You Looking To Sell Gold Coins In NYC?


Anyone would understand why you want to sell gold coins in NYC in the current economic climate; both driving factors are the poor (but slowly improving) economy and the explosive growth of the value of gold. New York City beats out all other locations since it’s at the epicenter of gold buyers and jewelers. This allows the buyers to find clients easily, which ultimately means that selling gold coins in NYC leads to more cash in your pocket when compared to other places.

Selling Gold Coins New York

Where to Sell Gold Coins In NYC 


In these tough economic times, doing research on where to sell gold coins in NYC is a good start on getting some cash in your pocket. Learn about all the different gold buyers in New York City and their limitations when it comes to offering you cash for gold coins in NYC. You might first go to pawn shops, jewelry shops, or even try your hand selling your coins online. At the end of your search, you’ll see that buyers like Luriya essentially hold all the cards when it comes to offering the most cash.

Sell Coins NYC

Things To Look For When Selling Gold Coins In NYC


When selling gold coins in NYC, it’s important to establish some criteria about the buyer you’re looking into:

1. Are they established gold buyers with a history stretching back at least a few years? Luriya is a 2nd-generation, family-owned business that has been buying jewelry, diamonds, gold, and other precious stones and metals for more than 20 years.

2. Does the business show honesty when you go in for an appraisal or authentication? Luriya shows the testing process to you the whole way.

3. When you've figured out where to sell your gold coins in New York, start comparing prices. Does their payout seem similar to what you could get at a pawn shop? Luriya promises large cash payouts incomparable to what other dealers could muster.

Sell Gold Coins New York

Learning How to Sell Gold Coins In NYC For Cash

If you want to learn how to sell gold coins in NYC, then the shortest point from A to B is to bring your valuables into Luriya for a free assessment. We’ll help you locate the jeweler’s stamp, run an authentication on it by one of our Master Jewelers and appraise it. Afterwards, we’ll patiently and readily answer any further questions you might have about selling gold coins in NYC and the current gold market. You’ll be all set for that big cash payout in no time!
Coin Collector NYC

Before You Sell Gold Coins in NYC:


Don’t sell gold coins in NYC to anybody waving a banner sign up that says “we buy gold”; simply put, everyone buys gold from people that will sell it for peanuts. It’s too easy to fall for the sight of cash these days, even when the reality is that the wad of cash is only a fraction of what your valuables may really be worth. Almost all coin collectors in NYC will agree that you need to:

1. Check out the reputation of the buyer within the community. Do they have any outstanding issues with former sellers or businesses?

2. Have a look at their equipment and practices. All measuring scales should be regulated and certified by an appropriate governing body.

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What Luriya’s customers are saying

Maria Calensanes, San Antonio, TX
My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
Donald Stenman, Brooklyn, NY
When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
Jennifer Azules, San Diego, CA
For anyone looking to sell diamonds, Luriya is the place to go. They pay well, instruct you about their prices, and let you take your time to make a decision on a deal. Will be back.