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Sell Sapphires in NYC

Sell Sapphires in NYC

Are There Any Sapphire Buyers Near Me?


If you're in the NYC area, the answer is yes! There’s only one place to go for those interested in selling sapphires in NYC - and that place is Luriya, a family-owned jewelry business. Rooted in the local community, we have been jewelers for generations and can appraise your valuables for free. This way, once you choose to sell sapphires in NYC, you will be armed with the knowledge necessary in order to get the best price. Sell sapphires with us for a maximum cash payout above and beyond what any other dealer can offer you.

Sapphire Buyers NYC

Where to Sell Sapphires in NYC Is A No-Brainer!


A wise person once said that knowledge is power, which is why Luriya takes such pains to educate you about your sapphires and jewelry. With this information, you will know where to sell sapphires in NYC so you can go home with the most cash in your pocket. It shouldn't be surprising that we offer the largest sapphire payouts! Sell sapphires with confidence after our jewelers give you a no-obligation appraisal and authentication. Stop by and see us today.

Selling Sapphires NYC

When Selling Sapphires In NYC, Keep An Eye Out For...


There are few guarantees when it comes to selling sapphires in NYC. At Luriya though, we can offer many things other precious stone sellers can’t, or don’t:

1. We make sure to always test your sapphires and jewelry in front of you, whether you ask for it or not - it’s just good etiquette.

2. Luriya has long been known as a stand-up business, with avid involvement in community endeavors and a frequent benefactor to charities.

3. In our store, our jewelers only use approved scales bearing NYS certification for the most accurate measurement of your valuables.

Where Can I Sell Sapphires in NYC

Where Can I Sell Sapphires?


If you want a real cash payout for your jewelry and valuables, try selling sapphires in NYC. As the unofficial diamond district of the nation, you can get more cash from a place like Luriya - where we conduct business throughout the nation - we're not just another small jewelry shop. Our in-house appraisers will check your items for their full value, enabling you to sell your sapphires in NYC for more cash than you would otherwise receive. Don’t settle for anything less than full value; drop by Luriya today!

Best Place to Sell Sapphires in NYC

Why Should I Sell My Sapphire in NYC to Luriya?


You’re probably thinking “it’s an excellent time to sell my sapphire”, given the rising prices of precious gems and gold. You're right; but it also matters where you sell your sapphires. Since the goal is to get a big cash payout, why not consider a business like Luriya:

1. As premier jewelry buyers, we will perform tests on your sapphire jewelry in front of you, while you wait, using only certified and accurate equipment.

2. With master jewelers in our offices, you can be confident that when you sell sapphires in NYC, you’ll be in expert hands and get the full worth of your valuables in cash.


Where to Sell Sapphires in NYC

What Luriya’s customers are saying

Maria Calensanes, San Antonio, TX
My favorite part about Luriya is honestly the e-books. They’re so informative and helpful when deciding where to sell gold. From detailing how gold is measured, to explaining the differences in karats, they do a great job explaining the process to customers.”
Donald Stenman, Brooklyn, NY
When you go to sell jewelry, Luriya has the best payout offers in NYC. The jewelers know their stuff, no matter what you’re trying to sell.”
Jennifer Azules, San Diego, CA
For anyone looking to sell diamonds, Luriya is the place to go. They pay well, instruct you about their prices, and let you take your time to make a decision on a deal. Will be back.