Best Way to Sell Diamonds Fast

Posted by Ribi Khaimov

In today's economy, every one is looking for ways to make a little extra cash. Selling that unwanted, unused jewelry you have lying around can be a quick way to generate a little extra income. Diamond buyers are the best way to sell diamonds fast. Don't fall for a scam that wants you to send your diamonds in to them. While many places might actually send you cash for your scrap gold, precious metals, and even diamonds, they will not pay you anywhere near what the diamonds are worth. You can also sell to a pawn shop, but like places that do business by mail, you will not get what the diamond is worth. The fastest way to get the most of your diamond is to find a place that buys diamonds. 
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Some jewelers will buy diamonds, both loose and already set. Look for signs in your area. A jeweler can not only buy your diamond, but can appraise it to let you know the cut, color, and quality of the diamond, and what the diamond is worth. Even if the jeweler doesn't buy diamonds, he can tell you what it is worth (this would usually be used for insurance purposes), and may be able to tell how much you can expect a buyer to pay for it. 
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May diamond buyers are not actually jewelers in the sense that you are used to - with a store front that sells jewelry to the public - but more of diamond brokers - buying diamonds in en-mass. If you decide to look up these types of buyers - the best way to do so is to do a search online for one in your area and set up an appointment - be sure to do your research. Ensure you: 1) know what your diamond is worth and 2) make an appointment with a reputable buyer. 

Selling your unused diamonds can be a quick way to make some extra cash. Knowledge is power. Understand the cut, quality and color of your diamond and that makes it worth having your diamond appraised independently before selling your diamond.  Diamond buyers are there to make the best deal they can make, and it is much easier to deal with someone who does not know what they own.  Make sure you go into any appointment well armed so you walk away the winner. Whether you sell to a big diamond broker or a local jeweler buying jewelry, selling diamonds can be quick and painless and can put a little money in your pocket.
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March 17, 2017