5 Gold Coins that are Worth Over a Hundred Dollars

BY : Tricia Moore

Many Americans today would be much wealthier had President Franklin Roosevelt not passed Executive Order 6102. In 1933, this order called forth all Americans to turn in their Double Eagle $20 gold coins in exchange for a crisp $20 paper bill, which at that time held the same value. Today these coins are each worth over $1000 if they are in fine condition. It is hard to imagine what you would do with these Double Eagles had your parents or grandparents not been made to give them up.

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Is Your Coin Collection Ready for Auction?

BY : Sarah Hucal

If you want to build a coin collection worth serious coin, don't buy the latest fad. In fact, don't bother with anything issued in the last 60 years, says Norman Scrivener, coin specialist at Doyle New York. The sweet spot for beginning collectors? Coins from the 1940s.

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