What is the Best Way to Dress with a Gold Necklace (for men + women)?

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Whether you are heading out for a Saturday night on the town or are simply going to work on Monday morning, you may be looking for a great new look to compliment your favorite gold necklace. The first question that many jewelry lovers will ask is whether or not your gold pieces are still in style. Is it fashionable to wear your great-grandmother’s gold brooch or that vintage gold chain you used to boast at the discos? Most fashion experts and designers proudly declare yes! Gold jewelry is most definitely appealing and still popular today.

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Over the past few years, the escalating price of gold on the world market has caused jewelry made from this precious metal tom also gain value. Everyone cannot afford to buy the expensive 24 karat pieces, but there are many other affordable alternatives, such as gold-plated and gold filled jewelry. Wearing gold costume jewelry can be just as effective in making an outfit complete.

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At times, a common misconception surfaces that certain clothing will clash with accessories made from this yellow colored metal. However, you may be surprised at how many different hues not only compliment, but will even enhance your gold jewelry accessories. Earth tones, such as browns, tans, and khakis are always a good choice when trying to wear gold informally. Of course, you cannot go wrong coupling your gold with the most simple and chic color, black. Clothing of navy or royal blues will reveal the majestic and regal quality of gold. If you prefer bolder, more dramatic colors, Taylor Swift has proven that emerald green and gold look stunning together.


Wearing gold casually can be summed up with the phrase, “less is more.” Thin, delicate chains are preferable to wide bands around the neck. If a gold pendant or charm is attached to your necklace, it is best if the adornment is light weight. Wearing a gold choker to the office may not be the most appropriate fashion statement. Instead, you may want to save the choker for the weekends and clasp on your heart shaped locket with your business casual attire.


There has been a bit more controversy over men wearing gold chains around their necks. Some argue that it is just too much “bling” for their taste. A safe bet for men wishing to wear gold is to keep it simple. Chains do not have to be heavy and flashy to get the attention of others. It can actually be more favorable if you wear your gold chain modestly underneath your shirt. Having only a small section of the necklace visible will tell others that you are confident, and not overly arrogant, with your personal style.

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There should be no hesitations about wearing jewelry made from gold. Some people will shy away from gold because it can appear to be a gaudy metal. As with any fashion accessory, there is always a risk of overdoing. With the right colors and the appropriate outfit for your occasion, gold will be sure to enrich your style. 

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March 17, 2017