What Qualities Should You Look for When Purchasing a Gold Bracelet?

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Many people feel that bracelets are the most popular jewelry fashion. A handshake is the traditional greeting when meeting someone for the first time. As your hand stretches out to say “it is a pleasure to meet you,” so too does your bracelet. As a result, it can be argued that bracelets have a role in making first and lasting impressions. If you want your bracelet to say something about your character, it is important that the bracelet emphasizes high quality.

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Throughout the years, gold has been a symbol of prestige and wealth. The use of gold was ornamental long before it was used as a monetary unit. It is not at all surprising that gold jewelry exudes an eminent quality today. As a buyer, when purchasing jewelry made from this precious metal, you should be concerned with the qualities of several aspects of the piece when investing your money.

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When you are shopping for a high quality gold bracelet, the first thing that will draw you to a specific piece is its design. If you are shopping for yourself, this aspect will be easily recognized since you will buy what you like. However, when purchasing this as a gift you will have to take into consideration the preferences of the intended recipient.

The durability of the bracelet is also very important. You would not want to buy a piece of jewelry for someone special just to have it break or become damaged. If you want a high quality bracelet, it is best to go with a heavier gold. It is needless to say that the price of the bracelet is also a very important factor. Some may be able to afford more expensive items, while others will value the design and aesthetic appeal above its worth.

Quality can also be subjective when deciding which bracelet to purchase. Some will prefer bangle styles while others opt for links. Linked bracelets can be shiny and sparkling or can display a dull luster. Again, the importance of this characteristic will depend upon the inclinations of the buyer. should also be taken into consideration. The highest karat of gold, which is 24, is much too soft to be used for jewelry making. However, 24 karat gold can be used in gold plated or gold filled jewelry. For an example, a 24 karat handmade gold plated cuff bracelet by Herve Van Der Straeten can cost well over $400. Depending on your budget, this price seems fair considering the bracelet is hand crafted. Oscar de la Renta also manufactures a gold plated cuff bracelet for half of that retail value.

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Again, the qualities that are important to one individual may not be the same as the qualities that you value in jewelry. Determining the purpose for and the intended recipient of the bracelet will be of great significance when deciding what piece you will purchase. Design, durability and monetary value will all have a role in determining the quality, but it is ultimately your decision that will be the decisive factor as to the worth of the piece. 

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March 17, 2017