What are the Latest, Trendiest Gold Jewelry Accessories?

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Trends in fashion are typically set by designers, celebrities, and the runway. From the late Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection selling at $116 million last year to the 2012 Victoria Secret runway model’s diamond encrusted lingerie, jewelry has always been in the limelight. These styles trickle down to the general public and offer many affordable alternatives and variations.

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Looking to the present season, many fashion leaders are touting gold jewelry accessories as the hottest craze. This appears to be following the popularity of clothing colors this summer. Pastels, bright yellows and reds have been prevalent in store front windows. These colorful outfits provide a complimentary backdrop for gold jewelry.

Gold in general has always been a popular material for jewelry. However, in 2012 there has been a shift in the type of jewelry fad. Much attention is being paid to the craftsmanship of the gold pieces. The design and detail of a particular gold necklace, bracelet or ring is given priority over its dollar value. For example, along with handmade jewelry, antique and vintage gold accessories are emerging as major influences in the fashion world. This also includes contemporary jewelry that is made specifically to resemble antiqued gold.


Jewelry items boasting flowers, birds and animals in the design are also part of the new look. There is no better way to express your summer personality than with a gold flower pendant around your neck or a trendy pair of owl earrings. Accessorizing with these flora and fauna qualities can be a playful and fun way to boost your summer spirit. Coupling these images of nature with the bright and bold colors of summertime is sure to make your style hip.


If you are not one for the bright seasonal colors, another route to take would be pairing a classy gold necklace with a navy blue dress or suit. The many shades of blue all serve as a nice match with jewelry made of gold. There are many lovely jewelry pieces made from gold that also contain a blue stone or pendant. The warmth of yellow gold is truly highlighted against a blue backdrop. So, when you are heading out to the office on Monday morning do not be afraid to make a modest but lasting fashion statement.


You do not have to be a runway model to wear your gold jewels as a part of your attire. Many designers are creating unique clothing with accents of gold sewn directly onto the garments. Gold colored rhinestones are becoming popular add-ons as well. If you genuinely want to embrace the handmade jewelry movement, you can even purchase jewelry embellishments to sew onto your own clothing. There are many tutorials and “how to” guides to explain how this can be done.


One of the most advantageous aspects of gold is its versatility. This enables you to play around with your style to find the right combination of accessorizing. Whether you prefer chunky necklaces and bangle bracelets or dainty chains and ornate brooches, gold will endure as the vanguard of jewelry adornments for times to come. To view Luriya’s gold options click here.

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March 17, 2017