How to Clean your Diamond Bezel

Posted by Ribi Khaimov

Bezel settings for diamonds are elegant, sturdy and very classic. Bezel settings usually feature precious metal bands that circle a center diamond and anchor it for protection from loosening within its setting.


A diamond bezel can be featured in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or even designer watches. Generally it is common for the center diamond to be surrounded by a framing of smaller stones which adds to the stability and beauty of the setting style.

Over time these settings can become clogged up with lotions, oils, soapy scum and other debris that lodges simply as a fact of daily life. Dirt gets packed into the tiny crevices, crannies and cracks within a bezeled setting, and cleaning them becomes necessary. A diamond investment is often bound to become an heirloom, which means keeping them in top condition is mandatory.

First you should check your diamond piece for any loosening stones or potential weak points so it can be taken to a jeweler for repair, the jeweler will usually clean the piece as part of the repair process. If the piece is in top condition, then the household cleaning products such as mild soap and rubbing alcohol, ammonia, a soft cloth, some warm water, several small bowls to clean and soak it in and a small toothbrush will likely do the trick. You may also wish to use rubber gloves due to the ammonia and rubbing alcohol usage.

Begin by dipping the bezeled piece into just enough rubbing alcohol cover the setting and to remove any oils, grease or stickiness, and rub it dry with a soft cloth. Clean the piece in a bowl for safety, because it is too easy to lose things down sink drains.

Next, empty the bowl of rubbing alcohol and rinse it with clean, warm water and dry it with your towel. Then add ¼ cup of sudsy ammonia with a cup of warm water in the bowl. Place your diamond piece into this solution and let it soak there for at least 20 minutes.

Remove your bezeled piece from the ammonia solution. Next you will rinse it thoroughly in a second bowl containing only clean, warm water. Now transfer the piece into another bowl of warm clean water with just a small squirt of the mild soap. Swirl the setting in this solution, while also taking the soft, small toothbrush and scrubbing it vigorously, yet carefully so no loosening of stones takes place. You can also use an interdental toothbrush for the smaller stones. Work carefully around the entire setting, attending to all surfaces, cracks and hiding-spot areas. When finished, simply rinse it thoroughly in clean, warm water once more, and be thorough again with drying using the soft cloth. Be sure to buff off any residue from any soap film and rub it well for a shining finish.

It is important to remember not to use sharp, pointed objects during the cleaning process in order to avoid scratching the finish of your stones or precious metal settings. 

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March 17, 2017