What is the Right Occasion to Wear Hoop Earrings?

Posted by Tricia Moore

Some types of jewelry are best reserved for special occasions.  An elegant diamond brooch, for example, will generally look quite well on an evening dress with simple lines, but it would not be appropriate at all when worn with a polo shirt.  The hoop earring, in contrast, can be very successfully worn in a wide variety of contexts.  The vast majority of these will tend to be informal in nature, though some of them actually verge into the formal range of occasions.  In general, however, women should consider their hoop earrings as an ideal form of everyday jewelry.


Hoops come in different sizes

The first image that may come to mind when the term "hoop earring" is mentioned may be the extremely large hoops sometimes seen in television and movies.  These are certainly eye-catching; indeed, some might even regard them as flashy.

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Not all hoops are created alike, however. These kinds of earrings are also available in very restrained styles that feature a relatively thin stretch of metal and a small diameter.

Hoops at work

This latter style of hoop earring is eminently appropriate for most workplaces and is particularly well suited to the office as it tends to present a subdued and controlled image that may complement a woman's ability to engender confidence as she goes about her daily tasks.  Hoops at work are generally not a good idea, however, for women who work in any profession where safety considerations must be taken into account.  Because a hoop earring can catch on things, it can represent a potential hazard in some contexts.  Women who work near machines with moving parts will find that work is not the right occasion for even the smaller hoops that are widely popular.

Hoops on the town

It is in the social arena where the hoop earring truly comes into its own.  When going out with friends or with a romantic interest, women often prefer to wear larger hoops rather than the understated ones favored for work.  Hoops that reach half-way to the shoulder are quite a common size, but some women opt for an even bolder look and wear hoops that brush their shoulders as they walk or dance.  Like all hoops, these are particularly effective when a woman's hair is worn up or brushed back in order to display the earlobes. 

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Casual hoops are more likely to be wider than work hoops, presenting an appearance that is more exotic than subdued.  Such hoops are available in a variety of fine metals and can also be found in "engraved" varieties that feature delicate etchings.  Even more casual hoops are decorated with additional elements such as tiny dangling beads or even feathers, with the latter matching the latest fashion jewelry trends. 

Final hoop advice

It is important to consider weight when selecting a pair of hoops, however.  The larger hoops can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods, particularly if they are also wide.  If you do opt for very large hoops, do your best to find a pair that are lightweight even if large.

For many women, the hoop earring has become so popular that it now represents a new classic. 


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