How to Match Your Outfit with Sapphire Jewelry

Posted by Tricia Moore

The highly-desirable gemstone known as sapphire actually exhibits a wide range of color variation.  Sapphires that possess a color other than the traditional blue are often referred to as "fancy sapphires" and may appear in hues as diverse as violet, yellow, pink and even orange.  Most people who refer to sapphires, however, have in mind gleaming gemstones that are tinted with trace amounts of iron and titanium.  It is these elements that produce the characteristic deep blue shade of the classic sapphire.


Color harmonization

Because blue is a primary color and sapphires tend to exhibit a particularly pure hue of blue, it is quite easy to apply color theory to determine good matching strategies between your clothing and jewelry.  Analogous colors are those that represent mixes of a dominant shade with one of the other two primary colors, red and yellow. 

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You can use analogous colors to match your outfit to sapphires by making sure that your clothing pieces are in shadesthat reflect color variations in one of the analogous groups.  For example, if you prefer to trend toward yellow, then your clothing choices should be a mixture of blue hues that run the spectrum from pure blue through the greens and on to the yellows.  The more toward blue the hues trend, the more harmonious they will appear with your sapphires.


A parallel strategy can be employed by dressing in hues that represent the spectrum from blue to red; you will find that shades of violet and purple occupy the intervening colors. 


Complementary colors


A bolder look can be achieved by using a strategy based on complementary colors.  When colors are arranged in a logical formation known as a color wheel, a color's exact opposite can be derived.  In the case of sapphires, the shade most nearly a perfect opposite is a lustrous golden orange.  The use of a complementary color can provide a contrast that serves to make a sapphire truly "pop" so that it catches the eye all the more. 


A nature-based approach


Yet another strategy for matching your outfit to your sapphire jewelry is to take a theme from nature and build upon it.  Deep blue flowers, for example, will often contain shades that resemble the finest of sapphires, but they will also exhibit other colors as well.  An outfit that echoes these color combinations can be very pleasing to the eye as well as creative, since few others will think to match the exact natural element that you have chosen.


Matching goes beyond issues of color


You must also pay attention to other considerations such as complexity and formality.  A restrained business suit with clean lines calls for a simple piece of jewelry fashion such as a pendant with little ornamentation.  A formal evening gown, on the other hand, can coordinate well with a much more elaborate piece such as a brooch featuring a central sapphire but encrusted with tiny diamonds.

Sapphires are in the family of classic jewels that have been worn for countless generations, but like all true classics, they remain as popular and relevant even in this modern electronic age. 

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March 17, 2017