What Should be Considered as Everyday Jewelry?

Posted by Tricia Moore

Quite likely, almost every woman in the country has her own definition about what pieces constitute a good set of everyday jewelry.  As with most issues in accessory fashion, however, it is possible to discover some dominant trends.


You never go wrong with the classics

For many women, the most important piece of jewelry in their entire collection is their wedding ring, and a majority of these also possess an engagement ring.  These jewelry pieces are typically worn every single day, even in cases when the stone on the engagement ring does not suit a particular color of outfit.

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Apart from a wedding and engagement ring, a great many women feel that a good pair of pearl earrings – usually genuine pearls drilled half-way through and mounted on posts – is appropriate for everyday wear.  Certainly it is difficult to look out of place wearing such earrings, particularly if the pearls are in a creamy off-white shade that will literally match every other color under the sun.  A high-quality pair of pearl earrings can be worn with an evening gown or a skirted business suit without raising comment, but will look equally good with a casual blouse and top.  Women sunbathing at a hotel pool can wear the same earrings and not look overdressed since pearl studs truly are an interchangeable piece of jewelry. 


Functional jewelry for everyday


Most jewelry, of course, is purely fashionable and serves no inherent function other than to boost a woman's confidence level and help her to fit into a variety of social settings.  Some types of jewelry, however, are quite functional; the locket, for example, serves to hold a photograph of a loved one.  Not all functional jewelry "goes everywhere" equally well, however.  The locket in particular can look antiquated in some contexts and so does not really qualify as an everyday piece at all.


The finely made gold or silver watch, however, is an excellent piece of jewelry for every day of the week.  True, more individuals in this fast-paced society are choosing to carry cell phones and constantly check the time on them, a habit which somewhat lessens the need for a watch.  Despite this, the lady's high-quality jewelry watch remains highly popular.  Like pearl earrings, it can be worn in almost any context without looking too dressy.  Designer watches also tend to hold their value very well over time even when worn daily.


The necessities of a basic jewelry wardrobe


Jewelry trends are constantly changing, but despite this, some constants remain.  In addition to the items noted above, every woman should possess two gold chains: one long and one short.  These can be worn with practically any outfit; for a more casual look, both can be worn at once.  A similar set of chains in sterling silver is also essential, as are one or two narrow cuff bracelets in basic metals.  With gold and silver earrings to match, a woman can feel confident that she has a jewelry wardrobe that can make her look chic, sophisticated, and stylish both at work and when out on the town. 

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