When is the Best and Worst Time to Sell Silver

Posted by Dennis Chernik

Silver is a great potential investment if you hold it. However, there are two very important times when it comes to any kind of investment. There is the time you buy and the time you sell. At the first one of these, you need to make sure you are getting the best possible price you can. During the second one, your best price will be the highest instead of the lowest. There is no particular magic about when you sell, but it does need to be done during a time when there is as much demand as possible for your silver jewelry or silver bullion. Ideally, you should not be under any pressure to sell.

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When you seek out silver buyers on the open market, you want to be certain that as many conditions as possible merit your choice to sell your silver. After all, with silver being a great long term investment and a good hedge against any of the fiat currencies, you should never be in too much of a hurry to sell. One bad time to sell would be when there is a great deal of faith in fiat currencies, such as during most of the past generation's boom markets like the mid to late 1990s. During these kinds of times, most people would rather own something that is likely to move higher with more speed, like stocks in sexy industries. Because of this lack of desire for asset classes that are seen as less exciting and with less immediate upside potential, it can be a pretty flat time.

However, the exact opposite of this is also true. During the times when the economy seems to be at its worst and when the general expectation is just shy of the Great Depression coming back, this is the time to already have silver. When you plan ahead and protect yourself against the inevitable backlashes that every part of the economic cycle tends to bring about, you also tend to be far ahead of the folks who are just following the proverbial flock. The very best time to sell silver is under the sort of unbelievably dire circumstances in which most people do not want to invest in something that requires upkeep like real estate does, but where the normal investor wants absolutely nothing to do with stocks, either. Since silver is a great hedge against many kinds of risks, selling it lets you do very well during times of extreme general fear.

 Overall, the best time to ever part with your silver and make a profit off of it is when you personally are in very little need of the money you will make. No matter how great the times themselves may be, as a general rule your economic circumstances dictate the price range you are likely to break down at. By contrast, the worst time to sell your silver is when you are in dire financial straits, because this means you will be more likely to take the first semi-reasonable offer you receive instead of holding out for something solid. 

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March 17, 2017