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If you are considering becoming a jewelry buyer in NYC, then you must educate yourself in all aspects of dealing with jewelry. You should know the different materials used in manufacturing jewelry for example, stainless steel, gold, platinum, silver, tungsten, glass, and copper, among others. In addition to learning about the different materials used in jewelry, you should also educate yourself about their values and learn to distinguish between imitation and real pieces of precious stones such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds among others.

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As a jewelry buyer in NYC, when buying gold for example you should take note of the level of its purity. Gold is very soft and melts at low temperature; it also does not fade, tarnish or corrode and has a beautiful luster. The standard of pure gold is 24 karats when measured, if it is mixed with other metal such as copper, or silver, then this purity is reduced.

Having a high level of purity does not, however, guarantee that your jewelry is better, this is because pure gold is extremely soft, often breaking or bending out of shape with regular wear, hence making it impractical for use in jewelry. When it comes to yellow or white gold, there is no difference in purity only the persons’ preference, however white gold is usually stronger plus it accentuates the natural white color of diamonds much better than yellow gold.

As a jewelry buyer in NYC, you should also know that platinum is quite expensive since it is rarer than gold, and much more difficult to mine. Jewelry made of platinum does not also fade or tarnish. In addition, you should also know that since silver is much more common than gold, it is cheaper, it, however, tarnishes and turns dark easily, which means it requires frequent cleaning and polishing. Other alternatives to the above are tungsten and stainless steel jewelry, but these have very little resale value since they are not considered precious metal. You will normally find these sold outside jewelry stores and at various markets and bazaars around the world.

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Knowing the importance and value of precious stones is also of importance to you as a jewelry buyer in NYC, the value of precious stones greatly depends on various factors since they can be synthetic or real. Unless you take gemology classes, if you are an average person, distinguishing between synthetic and real stone can be nearly impossible.

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