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Custom made gold jewelry is quite special; as implied, custom made jewelry is made to match the specifications of one person alone. You don’t normally find jewelry of this sort on sale in regular stores. While gold jewelry can be crafted via machines, a custom made piece is usually done by hand by a specially trained metal smith or an artisan. Very few gold buyers ask for this kind of jewelry but those that do usually have no problems with the expensive fees that normally accompany it. So if you are in this business, it would be best to know someone who can manage such requests in case you receive an order so at to leave no money on the table.


The most commonly ordered custom gold jewelry that gold buyers like is the wedding ring. People are changing more than the size of the ring and are asking for specific designs. Couples mimic designs that they have seen or they have their own in mind; the point is, there will be some orders that will require a lot of skill.

Other types of customized gold jewelry are used for group or club rings, ancestral necklaces, or bracelets, and many more. Special occasions such as debuts, weddings, and even films make orders for custom made jewelry. Actually, there are no limits as to what type of custom jewelry you can order from an artisan. Just give the details of your specifications and they will do it for you. Custom made jewelry is usually of strong importance and is commonly treated as heirlooms within families. Some even put up a gallery of customized gold jewelry or other gold items and resell them for a higher price.

Gold buyers understand that it's not easy to find customized jewelry. Even in my hometown of NYC finding quality custom jewelry is a process. Though there are many who are able to take orders, you must find a reputable jeweler with whom you can do even a slight background check on to ensure proper services. Depending on the requested design, it may take a long time for the piece to finish.

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Before any kind of work begins, some jewelers may ask for advance payment so they have funds to buy the needed materials. In this case, a gold buyer will shell out money without something in return; a good business relationship should be established for this kind of deal to work.

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