How Gold Ore was made into Jewelry in Ancient Times

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When I was looking at expensive jewelry in shops where I live in NYC that sell gold, a question that flashes in some people’s minds is how it is made. Some people appreciate the creativity and advancement in technology that characterizes the entire process. Most modern technology is actually derivatives of ancient methods that were used to make jewelry. Here are the key methods that were used to make jewelry in ancient times.

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Hammering and gliding

Many goldsmiths used hammering and smoothening method to shape the jewelry into the forms they wanted. This would allow them to make shapes such as balls, ovals, and others. Professionals who sell gold in queens indicate that the shapes were carefully smoothened to make sure they could not hurt the people wearing them. They were also enjoined using special joints or even strings so that they could be worn around the neck, legs, or hands.

For jewelry to be worn in the ears, some pointed protruding edges were created so that they easily went through holes bored on ears or even noses. In such a case, the work was easier because the nature of the ornament, such as earrings, was smaller compared to others such as necklaces.

Heating and molding

When you heat most metals, they become softer and can be molded into the shapes wanted. Ancient jewelry developers used to heat the metals and then shape the mold into the desired shapes. Mainly, the process involves heating the gold to make it softer and putting it in molds with the shape of the jewelry you want to make. The metal is then allowed to some time to cool. This process has not been fully abandoned; it is used today with modern heating, molding, and cooling equipment.

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In some cases after the molding was done by smiths intending to then market the gold, the respective shapes were also fitted in other ornaments such as watches and belts to give it the golden allure. However, it was critical that the shapes were established carefully to make sure they fitted in the slots and spaces of the main ornament.

The lost wax method

Many people in the gold selling industry will tell you the myth of encounters about the lost wax technology of making gold items. In this method, jewelry is sculpted from wax fitting the correct specification of the main product. Then, it is encased with molten gold before being allowed to dry. The jewelry is then put into a kiln where the wax melts out leaving the final item ready to take to the market.

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March 17, 2017