What is a Jewelry Appraisal

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Jewelry appraisals refer to the process where some professional assesses a jewelry piece then tells you how much it is worth. Appraised prices normally factor in jewelry style, materials, and provenance. A host of reasons exist for seeking appraisal services for jewelry. These range between importance of insuring jewelry pieces and desire for pricing it out prior to putting it on sale. Go for genuine jewelry buyers.


Many ways exist for one to request appraisals for jewelry. A number of stores provide these services. Even so, there are some risks involved when going to a jewelry store for appraisals. Auction houses and antique stores at times also appraise as an extra service to their customers. You may as well make use of independent appraisers.

Majority of appraisers prefer not knowing much about jewelry examined. As such, they may end up forming independent conclusions. Appraisers can seek permission for keeping jewelry several days in order to properly assess it. Others may offer appraisals instantly. During this process, such jewelry is screened for gems, metals plus, construction techniques used as well as other factors.

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Appraisers will also assess the quality of each piece, seeking for inclusion in gems, damage together with other elements that may truncate the overall price. All factors will be put together to provide an estimated price. Exhaust all avenues when selling jewelry especially in areas like NYC where you can be taken advantage of.

Intrinsic valuation of both metals and stones used in jewelry is an essential factor; in fact, there are other considerations made when pricing a given jewelry piece. If the stones, for instance, get cut in old-fashioned design, such things may depreciate the value. Jewelry produced by noted artist in contrast can raise value significantly.

A lot of appraisers utilize a form for jewelry appraisal containing checklist for each area of appraisal. This facilitates individuals to witness a procedure breakdown and comprehend why jewelry gets valued in a certain way. A certificate gets filled out at end of appraisal indicating jewelry has already undergone valuation.

Persons having no jewelry experience need to secure reputable and legitimate jewelry appraisal services to make sure their items are well assessed. Seek out recommendations for appraisal of jewelry, as opposed to trusting a complete stranger. Different insurance firms have partner appraisers working for them. It therefore becomes possible to get recommendations from reputable jewelers. Go online and check out various stores of jewelry buyers like I do from my NYC apartment. The best ones have a strong online presence and will not be hard to find.

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