From Selling to Designing: What Does a Goldsmith Do?

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Goldsmiths are jewelers who are involved primarily in jewelry design containing precious stones as well as gold. A goldsmith in the middle ages could be viewed as present-day banker, who was involved in the actions of refining plus storing gold for future application. Ancient goldsmiths operated in guilds though their modern counterparts are largely solitary now. The United States Occupational Outlook Handbook states 54% of goldsmiths work for themselves. In my home town of NYC, sell gold shops ran by Goldsmiths are very popular.


The action of crafting precious metals to jewelry begins by carving wax in order to make metal casting model. Along with the ability to cut and polish gemstones, this means a goldsmith must have high precision at work and also show fine attention to detail while designing jewelry. Engraving and soldering are common tasks performed by such professionals. Goldsmiths regularly work with precious metals other than gold, which include platinum and silver.
The skill degree needed for one to be a goldsmith may vary greatly. It depends upon whether you work for a large manufacturing firm for jewelry or a small business. Certain goldsmith practices also are specialized and deal in finishing and polishing of jewelry only, rather than composing it from scratch. Anyone may try to sell gold from NYC to LA, but they must be prepared to face great challenges and strong competition.

Goldsmiths have varying titles that help in narrowing down the field. Mold as well as model makers normally work in big jewelry manufacturing business, focusing only upon making tools used by a goldsmith. Bench jewelers are found in jewelry retailers, splitting their time in-between jewelry cleaning, fabricating, and repairing. Assemblers put together jewelry components and set stones, whereas polishers and engravers are finishing jewelers involved in personalizing the final product to make it ready for sale. Assess your target demographic before you run a gold business.         

One may learn the gold smith trade through on-the-job-training, metal working programs for technical and trade schools. Demand for workers of gold-crafting is generally good. Working with precious metals and gold jewels is among the oldest professions in the world. Many tools utilized by a goldsmith are the same kind applied many hundreds of years back. There are exceptions here including engraving and cutting systems, plus computer-designing software.

The skills required for one to succeed as goldsmith involve refined coordination of hands and eyes while working with intricate designs, artistic ability, small tools, and acute business acumen for addressing customers and the market. Knowledge of past jewelry design methods, casting techniques, gold quality and valuation of precious stones is also required in antique jewelry. Get online and learn how to sell gold now.

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