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Wedding Jewelry
A wedding isn’t complete without a wedding ring. You might be laughing as you read this statement but the main point here is to reinforce the value of symbolism. Since weddings are happening here and there, there is a big demand for jewelry -- especially rings. If you have been considering starting a jewelry business and want to sell jewelry, the best piece to start with is the ring. In my hometown of NYC, Jewelry sellers are profiting big off the wedding industry.

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History says that a wedding ring started in ancient Egypt. From then up to today, it remains as a symbol of unity and eternity. If you see anybody with a wedding ring around their finger, you instinctively know they are “taken.”

Why is the common wedding ring made of gold? According to some folklore, it is a bad luck if the ring is not made of gold; it the symbolizes authenticity of any marriage. There was once a time and place where a wedding would not be conducted if the wedding ring presented was not made of gold.

If you are to sell jewelry whether it be in NYC or Idaho, you must start building your prospects now. Be sure to always have a list of couples who are scheduled to wed. You can get it from many sources such as churches, venues, wedding planners, bakeshops, and salons. Once you have the list, you can start contacting them and offer your jewelry. If you like, you can also offer other types of jewelry for the whole entourage. Being someone who sells jewelry, you must be ready with enough stocks. You can negotiate with the couple and have a tie-up. Offer them lower price so they can choose you as the official jeweler of their wedding.

Jewelry that you can offer in wedding starts from the basics such as rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and necklaces. If you are clever enough, you can offer other types such as buttons made of gold, wedding pins made of gems, the wedding emblems such as the coin can be made of gold too, and many more. You must use your imagination and wit to identify the possibilities. Take note that couples who are to wed have a corresponding budget. If you are hired to be the official jeweler, see if you can find a chance to ask about the budget and draw a good offer.

To sell jewelry is but a promising profit provider as long as you are clever enough to grab the limitless possibilities. People these days look for new things so start looking for unique pieces that you can offer.

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March 17, 2017