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Investing in gold coins is a little bit different from investing in other types of jewelry made from gold. The value is not at par with the jewelry because it follows a different scheme when it comes to assessing how much it costs. Gold coin buyers in NYC and other states consider not only the gold content in it. The value of the money itself and the historical component are part of the assessment.

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Not all gold coins are valuable. Yes, safe to say that every coin has some value but not all are regarded to have gold value. Gold coin buyers in NYCsay that when thinking of investing in coins, it is better to stick to American gold coin or Canadian maple leaf gold coin. These are known to have the most value.

In case you discover a gold coin, your first thought might be to to sell it. However, you need to know that for you to get good value; you must wait no less than 3 years. For coins found through mining or expeditions, there is usually no attempt to clean the coin or to soak it in a solution. If you haven’t a clue how to clean a dirty gold coin, entrust it to a dealer. You might be destroying the value if you insist cleaning it your own. However, if you must, make sure you use the proper ways of cleaning it. The simplest yet safest way is to clean with water and soap detergent. Do not use special or chemically prepared solutions unless you are sure that it won’t do any harm to the coin. For stains, you can use any light acids such as lemon. Never attempt to use abrasives as it may erase important details in the coin. Gold coin buyers in NYC will be able to tell how the coin was damaged in some cases.

If you analyze further, you can get more value when selling gold coins. The reason for this is not more on the gold contents, but on the rarity of such a gold item. Your customers are also of wider reach. Gold coin buyers in NYC are not only those who buy for future investments but also for collection purposes. Multimillionaire collectors await your offers to them. Of course there are downsides and one of this is the fluctuation in value. This downside can be combated by using your wit timing the sale of your coin at just the right moment and at the right buyers.

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So if you are battling between to sell or not to sell, go for the first one. At the start you may not appreciate the promising future of this business but over time, you will be surprised with the fruits you may be reaping.

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