How to Effectively Clean your Gold Coins

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While many people like the appeal that comes with wearing jewelry, rarely do they focus on how to maintain them without losing their special allure. As a result, more people have been using the wrong methods to clean jewelry and are consequently causing faster wear and tear of their coins. Here are the common methods that you can adopt to clean your ornaments and make them last longer.

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Using water and soap

Water and soap are perfect cleaning agents for pure gold coins. If you sell gold to consumers it is advisable that you encourage your clients to use these agents. You should fill a basin with water-- preferably warm water, and then add some drops of dish soap. Immerse the coins in the water and let it settle for about 15 to 25 minutes. Afterwards, your coins should be ready for cleaning. Take a clean dry and absorbent piece of cloth and dry the ornament completely. It is also advisable to let the gold coins sit back on the cloth for sometime before you can wear it back.

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When you use this method, you can rest assured of removing dust and oil that could have accumulated on the gold surface. Traders who sell gold will also tell you that the method removes a lot of body products such as lotion and even perspiration that comes from the skin.

Cleaning Gold coins that have gems

If your coins or jewelry have gems, it is still possible to clean it at home. The only thing that you need to remember is that you should not dip it in water. This is because water droplets easily get trapped in the ornament setting or stones and you risk making them loose over time. Prepare a mixture of warm water and add several drops of dish soap before allowing settling for a few minutes. However, as opposed to soaking, take a dry cotton cloth and use it to rub the entire ornament. After you are through, businesses that sell gold advise that you leave the ornament for some time to drain any leftover water droplets before wearing or storing. When I was recently in a NYC gold selling shop I heard the same thing.

How to clean hidden spots

If your golden coins have some sections that are curvy and hard to clean even after soaking, you should get a soft toothbrush and dampen with warm, soapy water. Then, clean the curved hard to reach sections such as engravings that might have gotten grimy. However, if the dirt does not come out, seek assistance of jewelry experts who sell gold to avoid destroying the special surface. Clean Jewelry is much easier to sell than dirty ones. In NYC, which is where I am from, the pollution is very high, so NYC gold sellers must be meticulous in warning their customers how to keep their gold clean and safe.

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March 17, 2017