What Does a Diamond Setter Do?

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A diamond setter is a person skilled in the practice of setting diamonds either by mold or by hand. Diamond shapes vary by popularity with different cuts tending to be less popular or trendy as fashions change. Numerous shapes of diamonds may be cut to suit any possible demand made. At present, round, princess, and brilliant cuts are the most desirable, though each person has their own preference. In areas where I live in NYC, diamond selling is at an all time high and the selection is incredible. Resident in big cities should have no problem looking for a diamond that matches their tastes.

Round diamonds can be cut in several ways which may affect their sparkle. Radiant round diamonds in modern cut styles consist of 58 facets. This increases their appeal by showing light and color in a remarkable way. A single round diamond cut is deceptive by name, having 18 cuts. This kind of cut in general is utilized on diamonds that are less than one carat in size.  
A Swiss round cut possesses 34 facets, in-between representing a diamond, in terms of the brilliant, single and light reflection. Round diamonds with a rose cut have very different shape -- it has a flat bottom and is raised to at the top point. It is rather like wearing a diamond upside down. A rose cut can make small diamonds look significantly larger. Jewelry buyers can get a better glimpse of this effect for themselves by looking at the diamond at its side.    

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Diamonds of an oval shape are a variation of round brilliant types. They are slightly elongated through the middle, being rounded at corners. These variants may appear to be larger, having numerous facets in order to achieve better reflection. Marquise, in essence, is the opposite of an oval, being rounded through middle and sharpened to point at its two opposite ends.   
Pear shaped diamonds are hybrids between oval and marquise cuts. They are oval and rounded, yet have marquise points at the top. Heart shaped diamonds are a variant of the pear cut. The top gets notched which creates a heart shape, instead of sharpening up the diamond to some point at pear top. This cut is often desired by jewelry buyers with gemstones less valuable than diamonds.   

By having them rounded off, diamonds with an emerald cut protect the points of the stone. This kind of cut is rectangular square and quite popular as vintage jewelry. Shape does not permit for a lot of facets, which makes emerald cut diamonds not very popular to date. A fairly new square cut admired by diamond buyers from NYC to LA is the princess cut diamond. It has similar faceting work to round brilliants, yet nearly square in shape.

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What Does a Diamond Setter Do?


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March 17, 2017