Is It Time to Sell Your Jewelry?

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Let’s be honest, you sell jewelry for two reasons: a quick payout and to get rid of unpleasant memories. Jewelry is a fairly common present and, while the intention is to keep it forever, unforeseen factors could influence you to sell it. Whether it’s a bad breakup, financial problems, or the need for a little extra cash, Luriya’s here to help you determine whether it’s time to sell your jewelry.


First and foremost, you’re probably reading this article because you’re searching for the best place to sell jewelry in NYC. However, we hate to inform you that there’s no such thing. Selling jewelry in Manhattan can be a stressful experience. You can spend all day searching for the best jewelry buyers but you would still come out of it empty handed.


The best way to prepare? Equip yourself with enough know-how! Search engines can only take you so far but actually arming yourself with the necessary knowledge will go a long way. When doing business of any kind, it pays to know how to capitalize on every strength and weakness there is to make any type of business endeavor thrive. Having the necessary knowledge about jewelry, even though it’s basic, is something that you can definitely benefit from.


Signs It’s Time to Let Go

If your jewelry box is now just a dust gatherer, maybe it’s time to actually consider selling your jewelry. If you think about it, any type of unwanted but valuable jewelry will allow you to refinance other aspects of your life like paying off debt, paying off your mortgage, or even financing a vacation.


Below are the questions to ask yourself when determining which of your jewelry to sell:

  • Did you wear this piece at all in the past year?
  • Does this piece let you relive unpleasant memories?
  • Is this piece still fashionable?
  • Would letting go of this piece of jewelry free you off the unwanted emotion associated with it?
  • Would selling this piece of jewelry pave the way of you unburdening yourself of past baggage?


If you answered yes to at least two or three of those questions, then YES! It’s time to let your jewelry go.


Are My Jewelry Worth Selling?

When selling jewelry, NYC especially, the first thing you need to make sure of is that your jewelry is worth selling.


“The quickest solution is to bring your jewelry to an expert dealer or an appraiser and have them assessed. Use the information you get as references when you visit an appraiser and then use that information as leverage when negotiating for an offer,” says Luriya’s expert jewelry appraiser, Fima Kandinov.


There are plenty of ways to sell your jewelry in New York but you need to know exactly which will give you the best profit. Just like diamonds and other types of precious stones, jewelry has some telltale signs that determine its worth.


I’m Ready to Sell My Jewelry, What are My Options?

Now that you have an idea of how much your jewelry is worth, it’s time to get familiar with what’s out there in the market.


“Where to sell jewelry near me” is probably one of the most common searches out there when trying to find the best jewelry buyer near you. However, it’s not as simple as just typing out a search query and magically finding out which one’s the best. You have to put in the time and effort to get to know the market before selling your precious pieces.


The rule of thumb is to never sell to the first person/place that gives you an offer. This is a rookie mistake. Never EVER sell to the first place that quotes you a decent price. Always remember, you can always go back to the first place that offered you a decent payout. There is absolutely no harm in looking for better options out there. A lot of places that buy jewelry are pretty open to negotiating a price.


Selling jewelry in NYC can be an arduous task. But do not let that hinder you from achieving your goal of selling your unwanted jewelry. As in any form of business, you need to be knowledgeable of the industry you’re trying to navigate. Know what market forces affect the demand and pricing of jewelry. Understanding these factors should let you be on top of everything and prevent you from being low-balled.


Before making the final decision to go to the jeweler's shop and sell your jewelry, make sure you are emotionally ready to let go of it and everything that it stands for. Understandably, some jewelry pieces carry a much heftier emotional price than its actual monetary worth so be sure that you are ready to let it go. Considering the plethora of options you have out there - ready to appraise your gems and give you instant cash, many will find it easy to sell jewelry today. However, you need to prepare yourself emotionally before you proceed with the sale. Keep these tips in mind and make your visit with the jeweler both a pleasing and gratifying one.

For more information about the value of your diamond, set up an appointment with Luriya today!


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October 23, 2019