Is Black Friday The Best Time To Buy Jewelry?

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Black Friday is said to be the one day of the year to get low prices and killer deals! But, is it the best time to get a deal on jewelry? Jewelry is a great gift to give during the holiday season. However, there may be better days to purchase it than others. Before you run out on Black Friday looking for deals on that pair of gold earrings or a diamond ring, think to yourself “ am I getting the best deal?”

Whenever you are buying anything, timing is critical. We are taught as consumers that shopping before major holidays is the way to go. When in actuality there are times of the year that are more suited to purchase the item on your wish list. When buying jewelry, chances are you're going to be to be making quite a large purchase, and we all want to save money on investment pieces.

is black Friday the best time to buy jewelry?

Saving Money = Less Stress

So, The number one thing to know about shopping for jewelry, is that it's crucial to go at the right time. If you are shopping on Black Friday, then make sure you plan accordingly.

If you are going to shop at the mall:

shopping for jewelry on black friday -- yay or nay?

If you choose to shop in a mall on Black Friday, choose a mall that has jewelry stores such as Zales or Pandora. If you live close to one, then you're in luck. Both of these stores and some other mall jewelry retailers run Black Friday deals and sell holiday gift sets.

To get a deal from a store in a mall, you should:

  • Sign up for the store's email list. If there are any doorbuster deals the store will give all of the details in an email or newsletter.

  • Get there early! The best way to get a deal is to be on time. Not only do you get the best stuff before other shoppers, it’s not rare for stores to reward the first 50 to 100 people in line with a free gift or extra savings.


Want to avoid stores altogther? Shop online. 

jewelry on black friday

Most of the time, retailers offer Cyber Monday deals. Cyber Monday is a great alternative to Black Friday. Most people prefer to do their shopping online because they can avoid lines, get free shipping, and sometimes save just as much. Buying jewelry online is tricky because it’s difficult to be sure of what you are buying. But, if you are willing to take a small risk you may find exactly what you are looking for. Most online jewelry sites allow you to see the product in the form of a video that shows the piece from all 360 degrees. Reading the ratings is also extremely helpful when it comes to buying your jewelry online. 



shopping in high end jewelry storesInterested in shopping at high end jewelry stores? If you are, finding a deal on Black Friday is going to be a bit harder. CNBC reports that the best time to buy jewelry is in July. Their reasoning is that since the jewelry buying peak is Valentine's Day and there are no significant holidays after February, it’s the best time to shop. Their advice is to take advantage of this shopping lull and start early for Christmas the next year. also suggests that shopping for jewelry is a better idea in March and Late May. They encourage shopping in March due to the decline in shopping after the holidays. Stores tend to roll out the deals to get customers shopping again.


shopping for jewelry on black friday

Have your heart set on snagging the bling you had your eye on this Black Friday? Then you should either choose a chain retailer or keep a close eye on your favorite high-end seller as they may be having a sale. If none of these options sound useful to you, save your money and do all of your jewelry shopping in the months following Black Friday. Your wallet will be happy you did.

So, is shopping for jewelry on Black Friday a good idea? According to financial analysts and sale enthusiasts, the answer is no. However, if you cannot resist the thrill of Black Friday, shop 'til you drop, just not for jewelry. 


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November 13, 2017