Kathy Ireland Talks Selling Valuables With Luriya

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“One of the biggest things in the jewelry industry is trust, knowing who to trust; and knowing who to sell your valuables to.”

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So then that makes one wonder, how do you know who to trust and who to sell your valuables to?  Well, Luriya recently had the pleasure of being featured on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland. If you wonder how the process for selling your valuables such as jewelry, diamonds, Rolex watches, and so fourth should be done then look no further. Or better yet, perhaps you have been on the fence of selling your jewelry to Luriya and have been wondering how your experience would look like. Luriya’s feature with Kathy Ireland will have all your questions answered, complete with live footage.

Watch the video below to have all your questions answered.



For those who are not interested in watching the video or wishes to take notes; we’ll save you the trouble with the important excerpts here.

Question: Can you tell us about your expert team at Luriya and how they provide a secure and personalized experience for customers?

Answer: Luriya’s team consists of certified appraisers and expert gemologists who we rely on for our evaluations and appraisals. Our customer service team works with our customers to provide them with the latest information about the process. We help them via emails, via phone calls, social media, and text messages; in order to give them updates along the process.

Our company is certified by NY state, and we’re also affiliated with various jewelry organizations in the industry such as the GIA, jewelry security alliance, jewelry vigilance committee, and as members in good standing in these industry organizations; we look to provide a secure and pleasant experience for our customers.

Question: Mark, people can also walk into one of your stores to consult with one of your experts, can you explain that process to us?

Answer: You can visit our offices in the diamond district; when you come into our office, you’ll be greeted by a customer service specialist who will introduce you to one of our appraisers or a certified gemologist, depending on what you’re looking to sell. They will set you up in a private office with one of our gemologists or appraisers; where they will evaluate your goods and they will let you know what you have, what it’s market worth, what it’s wholesale worth, and what we’re willing to pay for it. And once they agree on a price or negotiate an offer, we’ll verify ownership of the items and issue payment. There’re several ways that we can make a payment; with a wire, with a check, or we could pay in cash. Depends on what the customer prefers.


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In the end; whether you choose to sell with Luriya or not it’s important to remember the general safe practices of selling valuables or jewelry. In case you weren’t aware of what they are, here’s a brief overview.

  1. Don’t sell your jewelry right away, that is if you have no idea what it’s worth.

Knowing what your jewelry is made of is key to bargaining a price for what you’re selling. This comes down to doing your research. To start, especially if you don’t have an idea at all of what you are selling you should know or do tests to see what it’s made of. That way you have a better idea of what kind of price, at least raw material wise it’s worth. To get more of an idea of what to look for read: How to Sell Jewelry 101

  1. Don’t get swindled.

Whenever you are at a seller, do not let the jewelry leave your eyesight at any time. In addition, try to avoid selling to typical run of the mill places with a “we buy gold” sign. There’s a good chance that they will only give you the money that materials are worth for melting down. They are not all like this, but many are, remember to do your research.

  1. Sell to the right people.

Getting the most money for your jewelry doesn’t only come down to how well you can bargain, it also comes down to who you are selling to. Not all buyers will have the same amount of knowledge on what you’re selling. Take for example of how if you try to sell estate jewelry to a pawn shop that you’ll get terrible prices because they just turn around and sell it for what it’s worth in raw materials.


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November 19, 2018