Never Out of Style: The Lasting Beauty of Vintage Engagement Rings

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NEVER OUT OF STYLE_If you have absolutely no idea what vintage engagement rings are - Luriya has come up with a great article about estate jewelry and briefly touched on vintage jewelry as jewelry that is at least 20 years old.

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Although vintage jewelry usually represent an era that’s come and gone - no one can deny the beauty, the detail, and the effort that’s been put in each piece. With that said, finding the right vintage engagement ring could be a lot more special for your special someone.




People in the diamond industry or just the jewelry industry in general understand how meaningful and sentimental a diamond can be. It is often valued by the owner more for its sentimental value than its market value. People who sell diamonds also know that vintage engagement rings still tend to sell better today than modern cuts. But why is this? Why does a vintage ring never go out of style?


As they say, diamonds are forever.

This rings more true for vintage diamond rings. Often described as timeless pieces, vintage diamond rings entail intricate and high-quality design and craftsmanship that anyone (whether it’s a bride or a groom) will appreciate. A vintage diamond’s timeless appeal is something that transcends fashion taste even for different generations. Trends come and go but a vintage diamond ring is forever. Take Kate Middleton’s engagement ring for example - it is an oval engagement ring with a 12-carat sapphire with accents of 14 solitaire-cut diamonds. Now you might think, what’s so unique about it?

It turns out that this was the ring that Princess Diana (Prince William and Harry’s mother) chose when Prince Charles presented her with a selection of rings. After her passing, Prince Charles gave permission to Prince William to use the ring to propose to Kate Middleton. And the rest, as they say, is history.




And to just prove how classic this piece is - after Princess Diana unveiled her ring, the increase in the demand for imitations and sapphire-centered rings has skyrocketed and it became the most sought after engagement ring style for more than a decade.

Who says influencer marketing is new?






For the most part, brides want to be as sophisticated as they can during their wedding - because who doesn’t, right? When it comes to engagement rings, nothing speaks of sophistication than a vintage diamond ring. A classic style is something that has gone through many generations and have stood the test of time - as it should.




Although styles of vintage jewelry have shifted from each decade, generation, or influence - there is one thing that is, and always will be, a recurring theme - culture. Most people don’t understand the appeal that comes with a vintage jewelry piece but for those who do, it represents much more than style, color, and a bygone era - it represents art, history, and a way of life. For instance, one of the most famous and revered jewelers in the 20th century was - you guessed it - Coco Chanel. One might argue that Coco was, in fact, more known as a costume jeweler. While we agree… we agree only to an extent. Coco was a revolutionary. At the time, Coco Chanel was the first person to mix costume jewelry with fine vintage jewelry to not only make it more affordable but to contrast her minimalist designs.

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Undeniably, a vintage diamond ring exudes a mature appeal as compared to hip and contemporary designs. Most are attracted to vintage jewelry because of how elaborate and intricate the pieces which, in contrast to the modern world’s fast-paced way of life, emphasize the amount of time put into each finished product.

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March 04, 2019