Searching for Meaning in the Jewelry We Wear

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In 1998, Martin Seligman began the now popularized movement of positive psychology. As its name suggests, this type of psychology focuses on finding positive influences and experiences in life to bring about a truly happy and meaningful life.

For me as a fashion and jewelry lover, this means using positive psychology to find positive significance in what we wear.

It’s too easy to forget why we wear something and what it all means.

And with boxes full of jewelry, gemstones, and timepieces, it makes sense we wouldn’t think twice about grabbing any old necklace and throwing it on.

But that changes now.

This year’s fashion colors and jewelry gemstone trends are reconnecting us with nature, rekindling our bond with the world around us. Each chosen gemstone is here to remind us of things in nature, making us appreciate the world we live in.

So, style it up this fashion season with meaning and color.

Based off of 2018 fashion jewelry trends, here’s a list of 6 purposeful gemstones for 2018 to 2019.


Diamond is a classic gem choice that manifests the white of a snowy winter wonderland.

Amidst the dark winter days, diamonds remind us of an invaluable lesson: you can be beautiful without being perfect, just as a diamond sparkles and shines with inclusions. All diamonds have internal blemishes called “inclusions.” In fact, there is no such thing as a completely perfect diamond with zero blemishes.

Yet, diamonds are known to be the sparkliest gemstones.

The takeaway here is, strive to do great things, but be kind to yourself. You can shine without being perfect.

Dress your outfit up with a chic little diamond, or really style it up with an elegant diamond jewelry set. No matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong. Because, diamonds go well with absolutely everything.


Aka golden topaz and the imperial gemstone - this gem is the epitome of fall color.

It embodies autumn leaves, the dimming sun, fresh fall crops, and more. It lets you stand in with nature and stand out with style.

The beautiful yellow-orange of this topaz gemstone is said to bring good people into your daily life, along with good fortune and fate. Who doesn’t love a little extra help?

Whether you believe in the power of healing gems or not, the idea behind the yellow golden topaz is the same – open yourself up to nature (and the world) and you’ll find yourself pleasantly satisfied with good company and good things.

Sport this gorgeous gemstone confidently and passionately. And, when matching your outfits, be sure to pay attention to the touch of pink that often resides in the golden hue of the gem. 


This striking September birthstone is one of the most popular gemstones being worn this season.

Blue sapphire is a must for this season’s fine jewelry trends 2018 to 2019, especially those looking to wear healing gemstone jewelry.

The blue of the gemstone reminds us of winter oceans, when the water seems a little darker and little colder but is as beautiful as ever. We learn from this to find the beauty within, even when things don’t seem quite as warm or welcoming as we would like.

The gentle blue hues of this dazzling gem are also known to bring mental clarity to its wearer, along with peace and tranquility.

Let the waves of calmness wash over you this fashion season as you style it up with blue sapphire jewelry. Use blue sapphire jewelry to make your outfit look a little more elegant, and a little wiser this year.


Amethyst is THE gemstone for 2018 to 2019.

Basically the gemstone of the year, amethyst is as pretty as it is purple, and it is found all over the world. Amethyst is a strong color associated with confidence, royalty, and openness.

If you find yourself struggling to accept yourself and be happy with your choices, wear a little amethyst. Let it bring out your courage and spirit.

Amethyst jewelry looks great casual or fancy.

Match it with a relaxed tee-shirt and jeans, to make the outfit a little more fun.

Or, let the gem’s purple hues shine against a charming off-white dress.

Amethyst jewelry is also a great option if you’re looking for a trendy gem that’s a little less expensive. Because amethyst is a commonly found gemstone, it doesn’t cost as much as some of the other gemstones on this year’s jewelry trend list.

Your budget will feel just as pretty as you do with amethyst jewelry.


Rubies are gemstones of fire and passion.

They are meant to energize and invigorate you with the excitements of life. If you’ve been feeling a little dull and boring lately, wake yourself up with some glowing ruby jewelry. Let your ruby jewelry remind you of the wonderful and thrilling world we live in.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the humdrum of stale routine – not in your work and not in your fashion.

Rubies make us think of all the extraordinary natural occurrences in the world: blood moons, lava, red lightning, etc.

But rubies also make us think of the delicate red in the world: a setting sun, a charming lady bug, a red fall leaf.

This fashion season wear ruby jewelry to open your eyes to the world- stand out against monotony and stand up with style.


Fire agate is the Earthliest of gemstones here.

Its natural brown and golden colorings make us think of all things terrestrial and good.

Fire agate brings us close to nature, helping with creativity blocks and lethargic mindsets.

The simple color tones of this gemstone match with almost any outfit- casual or lavish. Fire agate is a little more mellow than some of the other gemstones on this list, so it’s a great fashion hack for dressing down a too-fancy outfit.

If you’re worried your clothes stand out a little too much, wear some fire agate. Strong on the inside, cool on the outside, fire agate is the epitome of say less, do more.

They are the best gemstones for everyday wear.



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November 05, 2018