Valentine's Day 2020 Gift Guide | Top Jewelry Gifts for Valentine's Day

Posted by Beatrice Viri

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching -- Valentine’s day! Are you looking for something for your loved one this holiday, or single and set on spoiling yourself? Jewelry and gemstones are obviously quite popular gifts to bestow on your significant other (and to pamper yourself with). Many gemstones are believed to have properties that bring success to relationships (whether you’re looking for one or in one), and they’re beautiful to boot!




Here are a few gemstones that you may consider buying this Valentine’s day, whether on a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or whatever gift you so desire. Even if you don’t believe in gemstones hidden properties, a gesture is always appreciated, and having something to carry can bring you and your partner closer than ever. Or you’ll have something to show off, while your friends whine about having to spend money on a gift and date!



If you’re getting a bouquet of roses, why not pair them off with something rose quartz? The pinkish hue is quite romantic to begin with, and the crystal is one signifying romance and sensuality. “Rose” is a popular color, too, whether it be for iPhone models or tinting hair, so rose quartz is guaranteed to be a popular gemstone for your Valentine’s jewelry.



Apparently, patron St Valentine was a huge fan of amethysts, and would wear the purple gem all the time -- it’s possibly the reason why February’s birthstone is the amethyst, and definitely a great Valentine’s day gemstone!



Emeralds are a “gemstone of successful love”, and bring loyalty and domestic bliss, obviously integral qualities to a relationship. It can symbolize unconditional love to help strengthen friendship -- important for your partner, of course, but even a good friend.



Vibrant red is the color of passion and love, so obviously a ruby’s a great gem for Valentine’s day! A ruby’s fiery red is said to repel negative energy, so get your partner a ruby to ensure a romantic night.



Turquoise symbolizes healing, and can mean the start of a new love. They’re versatile, too, so you can get one for a friend.



Garnet is a stone that inspires devotion, so if you’re hoping to take your relationship to the next level or replenish a long-lasting love consider something with this deep red gemstone.



Diamonds, with their durability, are one of the essential classics for this holiday -- after all, Valentine’s day is perfect for a proposal. Whether you’re proposing or want to get a really great gift, diamonds will ensure your everlasting love.


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February 11, 2020