Four Reasons we wear Jewelry

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Buying, wearing, and even collecting jewelry has become a pastime of many. Jewelry is a cherished gift, a show of wealth, a token of heritage, and a means of expression. When we wear jewelry, it has a meaning to us, whether it is surface level or more personal.

Since prehistoric times, stones, shells, and even animal parts were used to make jewelry.  Before the creation of clothes, people would adorn their body with decorations.


In each culture, certain pieces of jewelry represent a meaning. In Irish culture, for example, a Claddagh ring signifies love, loyalty, and friendship. It depicts a heart held by two hands with a crown on top. In Indian culture, there are three different types of jewelry pieces, which are bridal jewelry, temple jewelry, and spiritual jewelry.

Listed below are four reasons we wear jewelry, whether it is for cultural reasons or solely for economic value.

1) Jewelry holds a powerful symbolism



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One of the most monumental occasions in our lives, which is our wedding, is accompanied by a wedding band. Even before the marriage, an engagement ring holds weight. These two items symbolize eternal love and togetherness a couple shares. The second we see someone get down on their knees while holding a ring box, we know what is going on. Jewelry is used for other shows of love in relationships, such as through promise rings to symbolize commitment.

Another piece of jewelry with a historical symbolism is crowns. Monarchs would use crowns to signify their power and honor. These items often include jewels as adornment, however they are also made with stones and other sacred items.

2) Jewelry often has a personal meaning

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Even in terms of the film industry, an item of jewelry is used in certain movies to symbolize a personal meaning. Think of the Titanic, for example. At first, the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace that Cal gives Rose symbolizes class and elegance. However, at the end of the movie when Rose throws it into the ocean, it is a symbol of the love and freedom she experienced with Jack. Like in Rose’s case, certain items of jewelry are meaningful in reminding the owner of a special time or person.

Some pieces are passed down as an heirloom, which holds a distinct meaning to the connection between families. These items hold an emotional value and represent the family history and the strength of the bond between each generation. A piece of jewelry is often used as an heirloom because of its timelessness and worth. Some items of jewelry that are popularly passed down are rings, cameos, earrings, cuff links, and pearl necklaces.

3) Jewelry = $$$

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When we think of jewelry, we think of money. Gold, silver, bronze, gemstones- the items used to make most jewels are valued highly. In the world we live in, the value of an item is indicative of status, which is often seen as appealing. Many people associate money with success, which is why it is seen as impressive if you own a lot of jewelry.

“Bling” or “ice” are popular slang terms that refer to jewelry's popularity. The term “ice” refers to diamonds and comes from their clear appearance. Another fun fact about this term is that it comes from diamonds ability to conduct heat. If you press a diamond against your lips or skin, it gives you an icy feeling.

In terms of the price of jewelry, it is also a popular investment. Many of the pieces jewelry is made with are items that can increase in value over time. For business-people and investors, buying jewelry items like these are a smart way to guarantee money in the future.

Buying and selling jewelry has been popular in the past and is popular nowadays. Many collect pieces of jewelry to sell later on in life because these precious items do not lose value. (Check out our jewelry page if you are interested in getting a quote for your jewelry!)

4) Jewelry is important in fashion

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Accessories are used to dress up an outfit and are an important asset in the fashion industry. A golden or pearl necklace could be paired with a black dress to complement it, and a pair of hoop earrings can give some spunk to a simple outfit like slacks and a blouse.

There have been a few popular trends laced through each decade, such as the trademark gold hoops and chokers of the 90s. Certain items became big for a period, such as long beaded necklaces, diamond studs, and bangles.

Even body jewelry like nose piercings and navel piercings are statements that have become popular amongst the younger generation. People choose to get these piercings because of the aesthetic and personal preference regarding how it looks.

Overall, jewelry has a powerful role both today and historically, and it an asset in many aspects of our life. Culturally, economically, personally, and socially, jewelry has and will always be a precious asset.

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March 14, 2019