How Do I Find a Credible Gold Coin Dealer?

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Trust is a very important aspect in any kind of business. Risk is a reality all businessmen live by every day; but when trust is established between them and the stakeholders, things get much easier. Trust becomes more important on the consumer’s end. Consumers spend their resources in the hopes that producers will do what they advertise. Taking gold trade for example, people who sell gold coins face serious risks every day. Gold is a very expensive item; thus making it vulnerable to scams and frauds. People who sell gold coins need to always be sure that they deal with honest and reputable dealers every time. So how can a seller ensure that s/he is dealing with a credible dealer? What are the things to look for in a reputable gold coin dealer?


1. Good business reputation

The first thing you would want to find in a gold coin dealer is business reputation. You will always want to go with someone who has established a good reputation in his/her industry. Look for client feedbacks and reviews. You will easily know how well a dealer treats his/her clients through review. Moreover, you can verify the company’s performance through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB provides information regarding the company’s history and background as well as their performance ratings, hence making it easy for clients to verify whether they are dealing with a legitimate business or not.


2. Resources

You also need to see to it that your dealer has a good reserve of assets. While there are a lot of credible small-time gold coin dealers around, the ones with the most resources are usually those who have been in the industry for a long time. A dealer’s assets are a good indication of their foundation in the business; and business that has been there for quite a while will sure know what it is doing.


3. Rapport building ability

While most people will say not to trust a first impression, you actually need to consider a first impression in finding an honest gold coin dealer. Impressions are very important for a gold buyer. They need to establish that good rapport as quickly as they can as it helps things flow more smoothly and quickly. People with such ability have dealt with lots of clients in the past, and therefore knows how to carry a pleasant but a professional conversation. However, you would not want to settle for just a good conversationalist. Try to find cues about a good listener and a fair negotiator. A good dealer will listen to you and will not just butt in to disprove your points about your gold coins. A good dealer will allow you to make your pitch as much you want to and will welcomingly accommodate queries. A good dealer will also not try to intimidate you especially when s/he knows, for example, that you are selling gold coins for the first time. By observing how the dealer builds his connection with you, you will know how understanding this person is, how wise or how cunning he is of his business. Do not take this cue for granted.


When talking about selling gold coins, we may be talking about a considerable amount of money. Although a few thousand dollars may sound good, this may just be higher if you are dealing with an honest gold dealer. Gold is a good investment; hence, do not let yourself lose on the trade by settling for just any kind of dealer there is out there. Keep these pointers in mind and make sure you sell gold coins to the right experts in the industry.

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September 16, 2019