Engagement Ring Box Ideas and Where To Find Them

BY : Esther Meir

Wondering "where can I buy a ring box for the perfect proposal"?


Already accepted the diamond ring and want something special and safe to store it in?

No worries - We’ve got you covered!

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How To Care For Your Diamond Ring

BY : Marnie Rubenstein

Let’s say you’ve recently been proposed to with the perfect diamond ring – congratulations! For many people though, this will be their first time wearing such an expensive ring. You might be nervous about wearing your diamond ring in public, while others don’t know if they should keep it on while doing everyday activities, like washing dishes or sleeping. For answers to all your diamond ring wearing questions, read on!

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All About Eternity Rings

BY : Marnie Rubenstein

Eternity Ring


You may have seen an eternity ring and been captivated by that small, perfect circle of diamond brilliance that surrounds it. Perhaps you even wear one or have given an eternity ring to someone significant in your life. But what is the importance of wearing one, and how did it become a symbol of eternal love?

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