Why Selling Diamonds is Always an Emotional Experience

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Selling personal belongings that are nonetheless of some value has become a commonality nowadays. The emergence of e-commerce websites further made this easier for people to do. Perhaps as a result of the persistent unpredictability of the economy, people have learned to make the most of the things they have no use of.

Today, people are even letting go of high-valued items like diamond jewelries online. The fact is that diamonds do not appear to lose their market value. Diamonds remain to be one, if not the highest valued gem today. It continues to be a symbol of affluence and sophistication, adding to the reasons people still want to invest on them. As they say, diamonds are – indeed – forever. However, while these items sell great, there are actually a few emotional setbacks to it – much like selling any other personal belonging. Before you proceed with that decision to sell diamonds, here are a few things you need to know.


These pieces are Mementos of Our Pasts

Selling and buying diamonds sure is a business that pays – but an emotional business at that. More than sparkly gems that look good on people hands and necks, diamond jewelry are often keepsakes and reminders of a special moment in a person’s life. May it be an engagement, a reward for one’s achievement, or a reminder of family’s honor, diamond jewelries usually represent a part of a person’s past that is meant to be remembered. A person who decides to sell diamonds knows just how much it is worth; however, that person is not always sure about his or her readiness to let go of what the jewelry stands for. This is one reason some diamond jewelry seller have second thoughts or last minute regrets when they are just about to hand that diamond to the jeweler.


Selling Diamond Jewelry Is an Emotional Experience

There is a reason why some things are deemed priceless. This is because these represent things, memories or people that are not worth any amount of money. What makes it difficult to some people to let go of diamond jewelry is that fact that these trinkets represent significant people in their lives. May it be an ex-fiancé, a husband who passed, a grandmother who turned over the family heirloom; these jewelries often have more in them that their market value. A diamond sure is unforgettable due to its radiance and price tag. This is why people give them to their loved ones. They want to be remembered. And as what happens, every time a person looks at diamond jewelry, the memory of the giver will always be remembered. Sometimes, it is people relationships and connections to the givers of these diamond jewelries that matters more. More than the memories, sometimes it is the relationship that is being represented by these treasures. Hence, selling diamond jewelries often hurts. It may sometimes feel like selling what the memory of the giver as well.


Any personal belonging, expensive or not, will always be hard to let go when they mean something to their owners. A diamond, most especially, will be difficult to sell since the owner does only value the authenticity of the diamond, but everything that it symbolizes. Diamond buyers are probably used to emotional sellers; and this is something you need to be prepared for if you are planning to sell diamonds any time soon. Make sure you are emotionally prepared to hand that treasured diamond jewelry in to the buyer for some cash.

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August 08, 2019