Shine Bright Like a Diamond: How Diamond Cut Influences Scintillation

BY : Marnie Rubenstein

When you look at a diamond in bright light, you’ll probably notice that it sparkles with an intense, almost flame-like light. This property of diamonds, known as “brilliance”, is part of what makes diamonds such a valuable gem. But what makes a diamond more brilliant than other gemstones? And what sort of diamonds give off the most “fire”? Here, we’ll try to understand the factors that influence a diamond’s sparkle and how you can use your knowledge to get the diamond you want.

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An Expert Guide to Ring Settings

BY : Emily Zimmer

When choosing an engagement ring, all anyone can seem to talk about is the diamond.

Diamond this, diamond that…

Square cut, clarity, and did you see the size of that thing?

What most people don’t know is that the ring setting (or mounting) - the little home for your precious

 diamond - is truly where it’s at.

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4 Hot Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

BY : Barbara Diggs

When it comes to engagement rings these days, something old is what’s new. A recent New York Times article suggests that a growing number of Millennials are turning to vintage diamond rings – whether family heirlooms or purchased through antique dealers – to mark the start of their new life together.  

This embrace of vintage rings isn’t exactly brand-new trend, however. Since the 2008-2009 recession, many practical-minded young couples have balked at spend thousands on new engagement rings and have embraced heirloom rings as a more affordable, original and arguably more meaningful, option.  

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Today's Wedding Jewelry: Floral Hair Ornaments to Boho Chic

BY : Lisa Van Alst

While pearls are recognized as the traditional wedding accessory, conventional baubles just don’t cut it for many young brides. Just as engagement rings are becoming more individualized, so are earrings, necklaces, and hair ornaments.

Most brides still opt for white, feminine, and a bit of sparkle - diamonds, pearls, clear crystal. Florals are still a favorite and we're seeing more variety in metals - white metals, blackened silver, yellow and rose gold - sometimes all at once.

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